Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Simon O Catsuit [Bonus Gallery]

Every month or so, Lucy spoils us by adding a bonus gallery on Rubber Passion as an extra update. This gallery is absolutely stunning!

Gall 116 prev 02Simon O sent Lucy this sexy red catsuit to model. It has a zipper running across the width of her huge breasts too – perfect ūüėÄ

This is the first half of the gallery, so expect see the other half in another bonus gallery. ¬†You can also expect to see me wearing some more¬†Simon O¬†rubber¬†in the near future. Let’s hope Lucy does a video in this outfit!

The outfit is accompanied with a hot Rubber55 Corset and Ponytail Hood. What a combination!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Rubber Booty video

If you liked the gallery then you’ll LOVE the video!¬† In this Rubber Passion update, you will see some great clips of her big rubber tits, big round ass and Lucy also cums many times with the Magic Wand!

Vid 192 prev 05The soft, thin latex stretching over¬†those big breasts looks amazing.¬†¬†Lucy couldn‚Äôt help running¬†her fingers over them and sqeezing them.¬† That made¬†her very very wet inside¬†her tight rubber leggings!¬† Those leggings grip Lucy’s ass nice and tightly as¬†she makes it bounce by slapping it around.¬† The latex was incredibly tight between her ¬†big round ass cheeks and cunt lips.¬†¬†She is so desperately horny‚Ķ but luckily she had her Magic Wand very close by!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Rubber Booty!

In this gallery update, Lucy shows off her big round ass, dressed in a pair of tight rubber leggings and ultra tight rubber corset!

gall-98-prev-02She is also dressed in her new black, thin rubber top which stretches over her huge breasts perfectly…. Dressing like this makes Lucy feel very sexy and prepares her for the private rubber session  she will have later with a client. Just look at the way the way those leggings ride up between her ass cheeks, encasing them in rubber and pulling tightly between them!!