Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Forced Into Submission [Pt3]

Lucy looks so sexy in that ultra short see-through mini dress. See part 3 of this awesomely hot video episode on Rubber Passion!
Vid 241 prev 01After sucking the guy’s cock while down on her knees, Lucy is now pushed over a metal cage and punished. She is spanked through the thin rubber crotchless tights until her ass is sore 😀

After being spanked, Lucy starts to feel weak and hot inside. She now

Vid 241 prev 05

knows that he can fuck her pussy as hard as he likes and she can’t resist.

The Master grinds his cock inside her pussy, pounding her good and hard, Mmm. Yet another great Rubber Passion video!!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Dungeon Torment [Pt3]

Lucy is bent over the bench and is tormented and abused in this final episode of ‘Dungeon Torment’ on Rubber Passion.

Vid 200 prev 01In this final episode, Lucy’s wrists and ankles are bound to the bench with rope.  Her ass is slapped and whipped hard with the heavy rubber paddle.  She cannot move so she must tolerate the punishment the best she can!


Vid 200 prev 06All of this treatment prepared her swollen and aching pussy for some fingering and even more teasing and torment!

When she is finally released from the bench, she gets to enjoy some nice cock sucking and is rewarded with some hot cum on her mouth and over her rubber face.

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Intense Experience

See Latex Lucy in a more dominant role in this update on House of Taboo with Samantha Bentley.  It is quite rare to see Lucy in such a role.

01Samantha Bentley is a model who can project feelings of complex surrender and submissive anxiety that are brought out in a D/s situation between a masterful mistress and a helpless slave. Miss Bentley reminds us of John Willie’s bound beauties, in that great artist’s 1940s and 1950s drawings and paintings of girls tied hand and foot and at the mercy of cruel dommes.

For a good sampling of Samantha in this Williesque mode, see her dominated by the equally memorable, busty and very sexy Latex Lucy in this new scene of extreme sex, lesbian bondage, and spanking as Mistress Lucy gags Samantha, keeps her on a leash, crams a silver plug in her ass, spanks her, and then has Samantha suck her black strap-on.

02At the end, Samantha drools at the camera like a completely conquered slavegirl. Even John Willie’s damsel-in-distress Sweet Gwendoline never had such intense experiences like those you’ll see in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM.

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Serving His Latex Cock!

Lucy returns with Kristien with another amazing set on House of Taboo.

Girl/BoyIn photos and videos, Latex Lucy excels in portraying either the dominant or submissive role, and today she is under the thumb of Master Kristien as his total bottom! She must have done something awfully naughty to end up tied to a tree with arms pulled up behind her and a red ball gag in her mouth.

Girl/BoyKristien appears, also dressed in black latex, and he flogs her butt and her big tits too. The sides of her boobs redden under the onslaught of the flogger. Then Kristien takes out Lucy’s ball gag and has her kneel on the ground. Out comes his masterful cock, and clothed in latex, too! Lucy looks up at him with puppy dog eyes as he edges his black sheathed prick toward her face, and then he moves her head onto his rod, having her suck him deeply even while he fondles her knockers.

Girl/BoyKristien kneels on the ground himself, with his latex log jutting upward so that Lucy can bend over and continue her sucking, her hands still bound behind her. Lucy looks up at him with supplicating eyes through the holes of her mask, as if wordlessly asking whether or not he is pleased with her blowjob. Finally he demonstrates his wordless reply, by squirting his cream through a hole in the tip of the latex cock sheath, filling his slave’s mouth with his spunk until it drips down the corner of her lips onto the chin of her black latex mask.

Girl/BoyHaving fulfilled her master’s needs, Lucy remains quietly on the ground as he replaces the ball gag in her mouth and then attaches her bound wrists once more to the tree, her arms pulled up behind her. Then after a few slaps on her bare ass, he walks off and leaves her kneeling on her bare tiptoes, alone to contemplate the wages of a submissive’s sins!

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Obey the Kitty! [Part 2]

The second part of Latex Lucy’s hardcore House of Taboo set includes some interracial sex and nasty condom play.

Welcome to part 2 of “Obey the Kitty” starring Latex, Lucy, Kid Jamaica, and Franco Roccaforte!

Last we left the Taboo session Latex Lucy had overcome one of her handlers, Kid Jamaica, after tasting his meat and leaving her mark on his face. It looks like secondary precautions were put into place for the caging of Lucy, and Franco Roccaforte comes in hot on the scene to control the luscious latex cat woman!

Franco is quick to pepper up Latex Lucy’s curvy bottom as punishment for caging the Kid, but he get’s a good lashing on his face as well as Lucy draws blood!

Lucy is then picked up by the throat by the giant Roccaforte, who is almost double her size! He brings Lucy to her knees and feeds her his dark bone. Lucy’s luscious red lips wrap around the kielbasa and she calms for awhile, but that’s not enough for Franco. He bends her over the cage and lifts up her latex skirt revealing her sumptuous derriere and spanking it hard with his menacing hand.

Franco’s ready to stick it to Lucy for being such a naughty cat woman. He wraps his willy and stuffs it deep into her juicy twat and pounds her sweet ass into submission.

Then it’s time for a snack from the Latex babe and Rocco goes deep with his tongue into her love nest before jamming his cock inside her again. Rocco decides to let his partner in crime, Kid Jamaica in on the action and let’s him out for some tag team fucking.

From there on out it’s a Latex fuck fest as the two handler’s really give it to their kitty cat Lucy, stuffing her to capacity with cock. For one last measure of “Don’t you do that again, bad kitty! ” they empty out the cum from their condoms into Lucy’s mouth.

We’re left with Latex Lucy eyeballing us through her sexy cat mask, with a very satisfied look on her face!