Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Rubber Doll Spa [Pt2]

It’s such an amazing sight to see Lucy playing with another hot rubber girl. This video on Rubber Passion is another not to be missed.

Vid 231 prev 02Lucy unzips her rubber girlfriend’s catsuit to reveal a hot rubberised pussy. Watch her lick Frejadottir’s rubberised cunt as she fingers her with gloved fingers, yummy 😀

We also get to see Frejadottir playing with Lucy’s juicy rubber pussy too. They clearly enjoy each other’s tight, shiny bodies, which is so cool to see.

Vid 231 prev 09After some sensual kissing and groping of each other’s rubber tits, they finally cool off under one of the cold showers – still taking a moment to play with each others horny rubber holes!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Rubber Doll Spa [Pt1]

See Lucy playing with her sexy new rubber girlfriend in this new Rubber Passion series.
Vid 229 prev 12It’s always so hot to see 2 girls playing with each other in rubber – but even more so when they are actually genuinely enjoying each other 😀

In this video you will see Lucy playing with her new rubber girlfriend, Frejadottir in such a sexy, hot scene and a great location.

Vid 229 prev 17

The scene was shot in a hotel in Berlin at the time of the German Fetish Weekend.

They are seen walking through the hotel, looking amazingly sexy dressed from head to toe in full latex, until they reach the spa. It is then that we get to see them play with each other for the first time!

Vid 229 prev 18

The video is very sensual and sexy with some kissing, slapping of each other’s sexy, curvy asses, licking and they look as though they’re ready for even more action.

It’s amazing to see these 2 rubber doll’s bodies entwined like this. I’m so pleased I didn’t miss this one!