Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Forced Into Submission [Pt1]

Lucy looks incredibly hot in this dominant role at Rubber Passion.

Vid 237 prev 06Lucy watched her slave all locked away in his cage, teasing him by playing with her tight rubber body. The more she touched herself, the more she felt the urge to play with him. She fingers her juicy cunt and has her slave lick them clean. Lucy thinks her slave has done a great job so releases him from the cage and has him lick her long rubber boots.

Vid 237 prev 16Getting a bit carried away, Lucy allows her slave to work his way upwards to her juicy wet pussy – enjoying the sensation of his tongue massaging her clit gently, then going deeper inside, Mmm.

I’m dying to see what happens in the next episode of this very erotic new video series!

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Sapphos in Latex

006In this scene, Lucy is dominated by the beautiful Kyra Hot in this very sexy girl/girl update on House of Taboo.

Mistress Kyra Hot (in the black latex) puts her slave Latex Lucy through some serious paces in this unique encounter. Tugging Lucy close by her leash, she gets her pretty pink sub to do as she commands, whether it means to lick her bare legs, kiss her feet in the strappy heels, or then suck on the handle of Kyra’s whip. How vulnerable Lucy looks kneeling at her goddess’s feet, even as Mistress Kyra snaps the flogger on Lucy’s bottom in this fetish XXX video of sapphic latex porn.

Kyra squeezes Lucy’s nipples through her snug form-fitting pink bodysuit, then gives her a thorough spanking. She feels affection for her slave, though, and they lick tongues even as Kyra plays with Lucy’s cunt through an open zipper in the crotch of the pink suit. Lucy gets to suck on Kyra’s nipples, play with her pussy, but then she has to suck on the whip again–only this time to prepare it for a journey into her pussy. See all the latex loving in this new scene!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Mistress & Her Toy (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

Watch this exciting 3-parter video on Rubber Passion.  Lucy is led to a dungeon by Mistress Serena where she is strapped to a whipping bench, fucked with Serena’s strap-on and so much more.

Vid 207 prev 05It was raining outside, so Mistress Serena takes Lucy to a well equipped dungeon for a look around.  With so many toys and bondage furniture, Lucy gets excited and Serena makes use of some of the furniture by strapping Lucy to it.  There is some sexy kissing and hard spanking in this scene to begin with.

Vid 208 prev 02When Serena introduces a whip and unzips Lucy’s pussy, things get seriously hot. Lucy’s round rubber ass gets such a punishing!  Mistress Serena fingers Lucy’s pussy with her rubber gloved hands before slipping a vibrating toy inside.

In Part 2, Mistress Serena continues to impale Lucy’s pussy with her strap-on.  That is until she is distracted by her own Master.  Serena soon shows a different side as her Master quickly takes control of her instead!  Still strapped to the chair, Lucy is unable to see what goes on behind her, but feels hands gripping her ass and soon a cold metal instrument slides inside her wet pussy.

Mistress Serena wastes no time at all, knowing that her Master will expect a good Vid 209 prev 02cock suck, which she obeys.  Next her Master fucks her from behind while leaning over and fingering Lucy’s pussy at the same time.  Serena fucks Lucy hard with her strap-on while her Master fucks her at the same time, Mmmm.  Both girls take turns in sucking his cock and finish with a messy kiss.  So hot!