Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Bound Teased & Fucked [Pt2]

Lucy is bound and abused in part 2 of ‘Bound, Teased & Fucked’ on Rubber Passion.

Vid-251-prev-06Still laid face down and tightly bound, the Master slides an inflatable black rubber dildo inside Lucy’s wet cunt. He then fucks her with it – nice and hard!

Slapping her tight round ass at the same time makes Lucy even more horny.

Vid-251-prev-16The Master moves Lucy into another position and grabs her nipples – making Lucy’s very sensitive nipples ache! He later finger fucks her with 5 gloved fingers.

It’s fun to watch Lucy being bound and abused in such a way. Give her more of this treatment! 😀

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Captive Rubber Slut [Pt2]

See Lucy being used as a rubber fuck toy in this amazing video on Rubber Passion.
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She looks like a perfect rubber fuck toy, so deserves to be used like one 😀

In this episode you see her bound, with very little movement as her captor forces his rubberised cock deep inside her rubber cunt. Mmmm.

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He pins Lucy down by her throat, keeping her steady while he pounds her pussy very hard and slapping her rubber face to remind her who is boss.

This series is one of the best, most addictive rubber porn videos I’ve seen in a long time!