Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Return to Room: 17 [part:2]

The first part of this series on Rubber Passion was really fantastic – but this second part is even better!  Mind-blowingly sexy and a definate must see.  It’s great to see Latex Lucy bound and used in this way.

Vid-197-prev-011Bound with rope to the metal railings above her, she is groped, her round rubberised ass is slapped and then her pussy unzipped.  Lucy can feel her captor’s fingers slipping inside her very shaken and dripping wet pussy.  It isn’t long before he forces his rubber sheathed cock inside her too!

vid-197-prev-03She is scared, but excited at the experience as she has no idea what is going to happen to her.  The sound of his breathing in the gasmask was making Lucy feel weaker and felt even more under the guy’s control as he pushes his cock inside her mouth and shoots his cum all over her juicy lips.

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Jade Doll [Part 1]

Latex Lucy is irresistible in her jade blue latex outfit in this update on Rubber Passion.

Vid-188-prev-02Latex Lucy catches a rubber guy looking through her galleries on her iPad.

Seeing him playing with his cock like that makes Lucy’s pussy throb. Soon she has his hard cock between her lips.

Latex Lucy is then rewarded with his cock inside her rubber sheathed pussy and given such a hard fucking… again, and again……

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Afternoon In Latex!

Latex Lucy dominates curvy Cuban Katia Dé Lys and shows her how to give a blowjob in this amazingly hot update on House of Taboo.

boy girl girlFully outfitted in her red latex suit and mask, Latex Lucy relaxes with her friend Frank M., with Katia Dé Lys acting as their serving girl in beige head-to-toe latex. Katia stands ready with Frank’s daily whiskey whenever he wants it.

After Lucy presents him with his drink, he’s eager to take her on, enjoying her spirited cocksucking while he fingers her pussy through the hole in her suit. After fucking Lucy doggie style, he calls over Katia so he can fondle her fanny through the latex. He kisses Katia while Lucy blows him, then he fucks Lucy while Katia stands by closely to observe.

boy girl girlFinally Frank is in the mood for even more kinkiness, so Lucy binds Katia’s wrists in yellow rope and then pulls her onto her knees to suck Frank. Katia is then placed doggie-style on the bed so that her pussy, exposed through the crotch hole in her latex suit, can be penetrated by Frank’s mighty meat. Lucy supervises the boffing of Katia, then places her ass in Katia’s face for some cunny-lapping.

boy girl girlSoon Katia is taking the tool in her tush while her wrists are pulled upward by Lucy, and then the lady in red bends over to lick Katia’s snatch while Frank’s prick moves in and out of the Dé Lys derriere. Finally Frank holds the rope to Katia’s wrists while Lucy completes the scene by bringing Frank to a blast of cum all over Katia, who lays submissively below!

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Lady In a Footlocker!

Latex Lucy features in this amazing set on House of Taboo. This simply has to be seen to be believed!

In 1969 a British artist named Allen Jones created a furor by designing a sculpture called “Hatstand, Table and Chair,” which featured lifesize furniture made out of the shapes of nude young women in dark stockings, heels, and gloves. These sculptures, still considered outrageous in feminist circles, became legendary for playing with the idea of erotic dehumanization–turning people, especially women, into objects.

We present you with “Lady in a Footlocker,” starring Latex Lucy and Frank M. in pictures and Full HD video from Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews–images that have similar kinky power and evocative punch. Standing in shiny clear leggings and ballet style heels right out of master 1950s fetish artist John Willie, the top half of Lucy’s form is actually INSIDE an old footlocker, and when Frank M., wearing a mask and suit, opens the locker’s top, we see Lucy within, wearing a form-fitting gray latex body suit and mask.

Conveniently, there are holes on the bottom of both her outfit and the footlocker for the insertion of a throbbing prick, and after Frank closes the footlocker again, encasing Lucy in the darkness, he fucks those holes. It is a truly bizarre and unsettling image unlike any you may have ever seen before! Then Frank opens the footlocker, fondles Lucy’s breasts through her tight latex covering, and then undoes the mouth and eye holes of her mask, so they can first kiss, and then she can take his prick into her mouth as it juts out of his pants.

Lucy gets on her knees and worships his meat, the enormous shaft sliding in and out of her mask’s mouth hole. Then Frank turns her around and bangs her pussy through the opening in her stretchy clear tights. When she leans over on a glass table to blow him, her pointed toes sticking out behind her and her legs shiny, she indeed resembles an Allen Jones-like sculpture, except she is a real woman, not made of some artificial material.

Frank rearranges her on the glass table and crams her pussy, showing us her hot round ass at the same time; and then he fucks her mouth again and sprays his load on her latex mask and body suit.

Lucy sits quietly as she is exhibited with the streaks of sperm on her mask and torso, and then Frank puts her back in the footlocker–to be taken out again when it is both their whims to play out this unique erotic game!

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Obey the Kitty! [Part 2]

The second part of Latex Lucy’s hardcore House of Taboo set includes some interracial sex and nasty condom play.

Welcome to part 2 of “Obey the Kitty” starring Latex, Lucy, Kid Jamaica, and Franco Roccaforte!

Last we left the Taboo session Latex Lucy had overcome one of her handlers, Kid Jamaica, after tasting his meat and leaving her mark on his face. It looks like secondary precautions were put into place for the caging of Lucy, and Franco Roccaforte comes in hot on the scene to control the luscious latex cat woman!

Franco is quick to pepper up Latex Lucy’s curvy bottom as punishment for caging the Kid, but he get’s a good lashing on his face as well as Lucy draws blood!

Lucy is then picked up by the throat by the giant Roccaforte, who is almost double her size! He brings Lucy to her knees and feeds her his dark bone. Lucy’s luscious red lips wrap around the kielbasa and she calms for awhile, but that’s not enough for Franco. He bends her over the cage and lifts up her latex skirt revealing her sumptuous derriere and spanking it hard with his menacing hand.

Franco’s ready to stick it to Lucy for being such a naughty cat woman. He wraps his willy and stuffs it deep into her juicy twat and pounds her sweet ass into submission.

Then it’s time for a snack from the Latex babe and Rocco goes deep with his tongue into her love nest before jamming his cock inside her again. Rocco decides to let his partner in crime, Kid Jamaica in on the action and let’s him out for some tag team fucking.

From there on out it’s a Latex fuck fest as the two handler’s really give it to their kitty cat Lucy, stuffing her to capacity with cock. For one last measure of “Don’t you do that again, bad kitty! ” they empty out the cum from their condoms into Lucy’s mouth.

We’re left with Latex Lucy eyeballing us through her sexy cat mask, with a very satisfied look on her face!