Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Rubber Mermaid [Bonus Gallery]

Take a look at this hot sunbathing rubber mermaid on Rubber Passion. Lucy added this bonus gallery, taken while she was in Greece.
39Latex Lucy looks like a perfect rubber mermaid in this black outfit and cute pigtails by the pool.

The pics were taken last autumn on her holidays in sunny Greece. This outfit suits Lucy’s figure perfectly, showing off all her sexy curves in all that super tight rubber!


Who knows, maybe we’ll get to see a video of her wearing this amazing outfit in the future – it would be awesome to see a sexy black rubber mermaid swimming, if that’s at all possible.

Lucy is always full of surprises and it’s always fun to see what she has in store for us next.


Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Return to Room: 17 [part:2]

The first part of this series on Rubber Passion was really fantastic – but this second part is even better!  Mind-blowingly sexy and a definate must see.  It’s great to see Latex Lucy bound and used in this way.

Vid-197-prev-011Bound with rope to the metal railings above her, she is groped, her round rubberised ass is slapped and then her pussy unzipped.  Lucy can feel her captor’s fingers slipping inside her very shaken and dripping wet pussy.  It isn’t long before he forces his rubber sheathed cock inside her too!

vid-197-prev-03She is scared, but excited at the experience as she has no idea what is going to happen to her.  The sound of his breathing in the gasmask was making Lucy feel weaker and felt even more under the guy’s control as he pushes his cock inside her mouth and shoots his cum all over her juicy lips.