Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Captive Rubber Slut [Pt4]

Lucy is still held captive in a prison cell in part 4 of this ultra hot video series on Rubber Passion.

Vid 232 prev 03After being left strapped up in the rubber armbinder for a while, Lucy can hear someone else walking into the cell. She was visited by a different guy this time. A new cell warden has arrived to use her as their rubber fuck toy 😀 Her huge tits and pussy are groped and probed, followed by some nice hard ass slapping of her sexy round ass.
Vid 232 prev 07
The warden’s fingers slide inside the rubber pussy. Lucy understands she needs to please him to avoid any punishment, so gets to work on sucking his cock – something she appears to do expertly!

The rubber warden throws a transparent rubber catsuit at Lucy, for her to dress in, but bides some time by wrapping it around his cock before sucking on it instead. This is such a great episode!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Apartment: 309

In this update on Rubber Passion, Lucy agrees to meet a fan in an apartment.  The video is shot in a POV style (from both his and her view!)

vid-195-prev-02On this day, Lucy agreed to meet with a fan in apartment 309.  She dresses very sexily in lots of tight rubber before the meeting.  The video shows Lucy entering the apartment and slipping into her black rubber leggings, top, hood and some ultra sexy high heels.  When she invites him into the apartment, she can’t wait to strip him down to his latex and they play with each other’s shiny rubberised bodies… very hot!!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Come To My Room [Part:2]

In the final part to this series on Rubber Passion, Lucy’s arms and legs are tied to the bedposts and you can tell that she is ready for a good hard fucking.

vid-194-prev-04Lucy is feeling very hot and her rubberised pussy is now aching to be fucked!  She is unable to use her fingers as he now has her arms and legs bound to each of the bed posts, but she can occasionally reach for his cock with her mouth to give him a good sucking and the feeling of his fingers inside her dripping cunt followed by his cock drives her crazy!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Come To My Room [Part:1]

Feeling so horny as usual, Lucy is laid on her bed in full rubber.  In this update on Rubber Passion, she invites a rubber guy to join her.

vid-193-prev-02Ready and patiently waiting on her bed, Lucy invites a rubber guy to her room.  It only takes a few seconds before he has his hands all over her fully rubberised body!

She can feel the rubber sheath inside her pussy getting very wet as he feels and grabs her big rubberised tits, slaps her ass and fingers her hot, juicy pussy.

She couldn’t wait to unzip him and suck on his hard cock!