Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Party Preparations – Pt1 [Video]

A very sexy solo video on Rubber Passion starring Latex Lucy and what she gets up to before the German Fetish Ball.
Vid 296 prev 04The video starts with Lucy arriving back to her¬†hotel with a walk through the car park, into the elevator and back to her room. She’s looking incredible in a metallic blue catsuit.

She looks through the wardrobe and decides on something to wear for the ball, but is soon distracted by her Magic wand – bad Lucy! ūüėÄ

Vid 296 prev 16

She has all of her outfit laid on the bed – and there’s a lot of latex there, lol. But first she simply can’t resist playing with the Magic Wand, which¬†she uses¬†to make herself cum!

I’m assuming we’ll get to¬†see Lucy dressing¬†into all of that rubber in the next part. Let’s hope so!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Cling Filmed Fuck Doll [Video]

See this awesome new video series on Rubber Passion where Lucy is wrapped in black cling film and used.
Vid 272 prev 02Lucy has been placed on a bed and left bound in cling film for when her Master returns.

She’s dressed in¬†a¬†semi-transparent black¬†rubber catsuit which looks stunning stretched over those huge tits. Her arms have been¬†bound behind¬†her and legs folded¬†back –

Vid 272 prev 20she’s not going anywhere! ūüėÄ

When her Master¬†returns he plays with Lucy’s tits, squeezing them hard¬†and plays with¬†her sexy¬†tightly wrapped rubber body.¬†He also takes full advantage of that zip over her pussy and fingers her wet cunt, driving Lucy crazy!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Hot Summer Dreams [Pt1]

Here we see Lucy in more clear latex in this incredibly hot new series on Rubber Passion.

Vid-252-prev-12We get to see some of what Lucy really got up to while on her holiday in Greece.

After a sunbathe, Lucy decided to dress sexy in some transparent latex, in a few thin layers. Wow, I just love looking at her huge tits inside that clear rubber hoodie!

She enjoys feeling the heat of the sun against the thin rubber over her skin. I bet it felt magical.

This feeling made Lucy very horny as we see her fingering that juicy little cunt!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Pumped Pussy Examination [Pt3]

I love the hard fucking in this part of ‘Pumped Pussy Examination’ on Rubber Passion.

Vid-250-prev-06See how Lucy’s juicy lips slip around the Doc’s cock, Mmm.¬†She obviously loves her job.¬†She does actually manage to fit all of that cock down her throat¬†– and also inside her tight swollen cunt!

The doctor forces his huge dick inside her, determined to

Vid-250-prev-18fuck¬†her¬†hard with every inch¬†– stretching¬†that plump little¬†cunt so wide ūüėČ

It would be so awesome¬†to see more of this so I hope there’s another part coming up soon.


Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Pumped Pussy Examination [Pt2]

I’m loving this ‘Pumped Pussy Examination’ series on Rubber Passion. I think for this video Lucy does a bit of examining of her own!
Vid-247-prev-09“Oooh I just love the feeling when his fingers slide inside my swollen pussy!!” said Lucy.¬†She¬†examined the¬†Doctor’s cock, un-doing his crotch¬†zipper.

After her gasmask was removed, Lucy couldn’t wait to get his big dick inside her mouth. Vid-247-prev-15

She teases his with her juicy lips before giving it one of her amazing blowjobs. She tries her best to get as much of this cock in her mouth as possible and seems to relish every minute ūüėÄ

Really hoping¬†there’s a fucking bit in the next part!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Visiting Hours [Pt1]

In this new video, Lucy is held in a cell where she can be visited to be used as a fuck toy! See it now on Rubber Passion.
Vid 242 prev 05Dressed appropriately in her ‘Slut Lucy’ outfit all in tight transparent latex, Lucy’s job is to please any guy who calls into the cell. She looks like the ultimate rubber doll!

The catsuit she wear is zipless and has a pussy sheath so the guys can have easy access.

Vid 242 prev 17

When the first visitor arrives, Lucy enjoys feeling his mouth on her tits and his fingers drive her wild as they slide inside her juicy rubberised cunt.

Maybe this is the perfect job for Lucy ūüėÄ Can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode!


Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Pink Fuck Doll [Pt3]

We now get to see the final part to ‘Pink Fuck Doll’ on Rubber Passion.

Vid 238 prev 07This episode was well worth the wait as we see¬†Lucy fucked in some great positions – such as the one below.¬†Her¬†massive tits are also freed from the¬†tight¬†rubber ūüėÄ

She gives the guy a handjob, then he takes over while Lucy continues to suck him until he finally cums.

Vid 238 prev 04

Lucy seems to enjoy licking up the messy cum. Such a filthy girl!!

Hopefully we’ll get to see more and more videos where Lucy is used in such a way – she is perfect for this role!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Pink Fuck Doll [Pt1]

Latex Lucy turns into a real rubber fuck doll in this absolutely stunning new video series on Rubber Passion.

Vid 233 prev 04aShe lays¬†on the bed, propped up against the wall –¬†and just¬†the way you imagine a rubber sex doll¬†to be. There’s no movement, not even a blink of her eyes!

A man in black rubber comes into the bedroom to play with his new play thing, feeling her sexy body and

Vid 233 prev 08

squeezing¬†those huge tits that¬†look like they’re about to pop out at any moment ūüėÄ

Naturally, he unzips her to reveal a very inviting looking dark pink rubber cunt – Mmm perfect!


Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Using Her Like A Doll

Lucy is dressed as a complete rubber doll and examined in this video on House of Taboo.

boy girl

At first you‚Äôll think–that‚Äôs a big latex sex doll on the clinic examining table, right? Or a mannequin, perhaps, to be used in some strange anatomy course? But on closer inspection, you realize those lips are real…as is the slit between the legs: an actual pussy. Yes, it‚Äôs Latex Lucy at her most shockingly inventive!

Dr. Sabby examines his patient, using his stethoscope on her pussy in the open crotch of the latex bodysuit…then using his fingers to probe the depth of that, as well as the mouth behind those full red lips sticking out of the full-head latex mask. Deciding it‚Äôs perfect for his cock, he slides his meat into the mouth hole, whence a tongue now protrudes to lick at his shaft.

boy girlThe kinky physician adjusts his human latex doll in different positions–sitting, kneeling, and finally laying on her back again; always bound with thin but taut straps, and conveniently accessible for the insertion of his dick in this instant classic of latex porn, presented in a Full HD BDSM fetish XXX video that will linger in your imagination just as surely as Lucy‚Äôs mouth receives a load out of the medico which drips down the chin of her mask.

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: German Fetish Weekend [Gallery]

Lucy has added a bonus gallery to Rubber Passion. All pics were taken around the time of the German Fetish Ball.

Gall 113 prev 02This is the super sexy pink and black outfit that Latex Lucy dressed in for the Ball –¬†it looks¬†incredible! She told me it took her over an hour to dress in as it has many zips, lacing and buckles down the legs and arms. Then it is complete with a¬†matching corset to frame her tiny waist.

Lucy also shares some pics she did with an artist. In these pics she is all dressed in a black catsuit Рsome just in a corset, mask and heels!

Gall 113 prev 01

See Lucy in some very sexy poses – such as this one as she unzips the crotch of her catsuit and fingers her hot little pussy ūüėÄ

I also love the few pics she did with her rubber girlfriend, Frejadottir. Mmm It looks as though they really had some fun together. It would be really nice to see another update of them playing together soon.

Gall 113 prev 04I hope there’ll be a lot more of these¬†type of pics to come. It is¬†great to see Lucy in action, but it’s also nice to see more imagery like this.

Go check them out for yourself!