Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Serving His Latex Cock!

Lucy returns with Kristien with another amazing set on House of Taboo.

Girl/BoyIn photos and videos, Latex Lucy excels in portraying either the dominant or submissive role, and today she is under the thumb of Master Kristien as his total bottom! She must have done something awfully naughty to end up tied to a tree with arms pulled up behind her and a red ball gag in her mouth.

Girl/BoyKristien appears, also dressed in black latex, and he flogs her butt and her big tits too. The sides of her boobs redden under the onslaught of the flogger. Then Kristien takes out Lucy’s ball gag and has her kneel on the ground. Out comes his masterful cock, and clothed in latex, too! Lucy looks up at him with puppy dog eyes as he edges his black sheathed prick toward her face, and then he moves her head onto his rod, having her suck him deeply even while he fondles her knockers.

Girl/BoyKristien kneels on the ground himself, with his latex log jutting upward so that Lucy can bend over and continue her sucking, her hands still bound behind her. Lucy looks up at him with supplicating eyes through the holes of her mask, as if wordlessly asking whether or not he is pleased with her blowjob. Finally he demonstrates his wordless reply, by squirting his cream through a hole in the tip of the latex cock sheath, filling his slave’s mouth with his spunk until it drips down the corner of her lips onto the chin of her black latex mask.

Girl/BoyHaving fulfilled her master’s needs, Lucy remains quietly on the ground as he replaces the ball gag in her mouth and then attaches her bound wrists once more to the tree, her arms pulled up behind her. Then after a few slaps on her bare ass, he walks off and leaves her kneeling on her bare tiptoes, alone to contemplate the wages of a submissive’s sins!

Latex Lucy on Hot Legs and Feet: Haughty, Busty, And Bizarre!

We get to see Latex Lucy in a sexy latex bikini, gloves and a latex mask in this unconventional swimsuit set on Hot Legs and Feet.

solo girlShifting from holiday threesomes and sapphic twosomes to freaky solo action, we present Latex Lucy in her very personal take on a swimsuit scene. This girl never seems to pose without her signature masks, and here she wears a purple one that goes well with her purple flower pattern latex bikini.

solo girlShe looks haughty, busty and bizarre as she stands on the edge of a pool in her strappy black platform shoes, showing off her curvaceous figure and long legs. Taking off the shoes, she slides into the pool where she teases us with the bottoms of her feet, as well as her ass and huge tits.

She shows us her pussy and then her butt as her bikini bottom comes down, and she spreads her cheeks wide. She never takes off her black latex gloves, though, which adds a decadent touch to the pool scene.

solo girlLucy looks quite good as she peels off her bikini, showing off a narrow waist and splendid hips. As she plays in the water, we also get some nice closeups of her size 5 feet. This is a unique model in a compelling scene!

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: At the Mercy of Ruby Rubber!

Latex Lucy finds herself at the mercy of Ruby Rubber (aka Paige) in this set on House of Taboo.

Looks like Latex Lucy has gotten herself into a fix! She’s fallen into the clutches of red-clad Ruby Rubber and she’s trapped in an outdoor cage! “Uh-oh!” as they used to say in the classic old-time bondage comix from the 40s and 50s when a pretty girl got trapped by the clever rope-wielding “villains.” Ruby looks like she’s not exactly a cream puff. She prods and pokes her captive in the cage, even swaying it to give Lucy sea sickness, or make that cage sickness! She even puts slats in the cage to make it even more claustrophobic and tight for our heroine! Well, life is never simple for a damsel in distress, as Lucy has learned in her other appearances on House of Taboo.

She continues to be cramped in the cage when it’s lowered to the ground and Ruby sits on it. When Ruby finally takes her out of the cage, it’s only to put her in bondage on top of it, tying her wrists and ankles so that Lucy ain’t goin’ nowhere! “Uh oh!” Ruby smacks Lucy’s well-encased titties and her bare midriff with a kind of paddle, but Lucy takes it like a champ. Then Ruby gets Lucy turned around so that she can spank her on her latex-sheathed booty, over and over.

But what’s this–Ruby’s opened the zipper that reveals Lucy’s pussy and asshole!! Ow, that makes the paddle hurt even more when her private parts are exposed to punishment. But wait–what’s Ruby doing now? Is that a big thick vibrator? Uh-oh–it’s going into Lucy’s snatch! And she can’t help but get turned on because, darn it all, she loves being a captive of a commanding character like the mysterious Ruby Rubber!

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Lucy in the Water with Latex!

Latex Lucy is bound in the back of a truck and subjected to some water play bondage in this update on House of Taboo.

You’ve heard of the famous Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”? Well, this scene is called “Lucy in the Water with Latex…” You see, Latex Lucy has been a very bad girl, and her masked master Kristien has to discipline her. But being accustomed to the most sophisticated methods of chastisement, Lucy usually cannot be corrected in the average way…for example, she needs more than a spanking or a scolding, which might do the trick for an ordinary naughty girl.

Hence Kristien has driven her around, tied spread-eagled, in her latex bodysuit in the back of his pickup truck. She cannot escape…and she doesn’t want to, because she knows that after she gets through the coming ordeal, she will be a better person. Lucy watches through the eyeholes of her mask as Kristien starts filling up the back of the truck with water from a garden hose. She feels the spray hitting her body through her corset and bodysuit, the feeling of captivity and the tightness of the confining latex making her mind zoom into another dimension altogether.

The water jets out against her crotch and tits, encased in the snug material…to further increase her punishment, Kristien presses his naked foot against her face, to remind Lucy that she is truly under his heel. He holds her head down to the flat of the truck by a firm hand while blasting the water on her pussy through the latex…and she feels totally at his mercy. He squeezes her tits through the latex with his hand, and then continues spraying the water into the back of the truck…and it fills up faster and faster, until Lucy is floating, bobbing on the surface!

He controls her further with his foot against her neck…and it’s clear from the expression in her eyes that she has well-learned her lesson to obey Master Kristien! And with ultimate kindness at the end, he concentrates the flow of the water directly onto her crotch until she explodes in an orgasm deep within the latex suit that encases her like a carnal cocoon!

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Upside Down Latex Love Fest!

We get to see Latex Lucy from a different angle in this set on House of Taboo!

This is a story of the far-flung future, when the world is divided into two camps: the Naturals, who make love nude, and the Costumers, who make love in materials like leather, rubber, or in this case, latex!

Kristien, dressed in his black latex outfit, carries Latex Lucy in his arms, having rescued her before our scene begins from some evil Naturals who were threatening to take away Lucy’s latex outfits and force her to live and love in her bare skin. Fortunately our damsel-in-distress was spirited away just in time by her knight in shining latex, who takes her back to his home which he calls Latexia, which is where our scene begins.

Laying her down on the ground, Kristien attaches her feet to a special pulley he keeps in his backyard, so that he can then hoist her up and let her rotate through the air, setting off in her mind that lovely disorienting feeling of being upside down and bound in latex and at the mercy of another lover of latex. Kristien examines Lucy’s body by touching her shocking pink latex skin, rubbing her cunny and tits through the taut material, and letting the blood pool in her noggin as she hangs upside down with her braid swinging free and almost touching the ground.

But something is missing from Latex Lucy’s life at this moment! Ah yes, she is missing the taste of cock! Or if not the taste of cock, then the thrusting power of cock, as embodied in Kristien’s shaft which is covered in black latex! He fucks her mouth with his covered prick, filling Lucy’s lips until he blows his load through the tiny hole in the tip. Then he leaves her with a big load dripping from her mouth hole and down into her eyes. You see? They may be dressed in latex, but in the end they do the same things the Naturals do! People are all alike, no matter what they wear when they cum! So why won’t those judgmental Naturals just leave them alone??

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Adventures of a Latex Super Hero!

Latex Lucy has a brand new set on hardcore DDF Productions website House of Taboo.

The solo set features Latex Lucy outdoors in full latex gear.

There are heroes in every walk of life, so why shouldn’t there be a kink and fetish hero, right?

Well, Latex Lucy our newest model at House of Taboo seems to fit the mold perfectly with her super hero style full latex uniform. We’re talking custom fit and super bad ass from her mask right down to her pumped up latex platform boots.

Check her out as she showcases a new tool in the fight against the horny twat, a big red studded plastic cock with 3 balls!

After arriving to the outdoor scene for the debut of the new tool being used against complete horniness, she struts around her fancy car a bit and gives us imaginative insight to her 32G-23-34 figure. Then she unveils the red beast of a dildo being used to slay super horny pussies world wide.

She demonstrates on her own veegee by unzipping the crotch of her latex uniform and stuffing that swollen twat real good. At first it seems so swollen, like it would explode! But after using the tool, the swelling somewhat dissipates. It really works!

Afterwards she showboats a bit on the hood of the car with a bright red lip-sticked smile. Welcome our new heroine!