Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Evening Ecstacy [Pt2]

Vid-222-prev-05Vid 220 prev 04Watch Lucy play with her pussy and ass in the final part of this video on Rubber Passion.

Lucy reaches for her Magic Wand toy and slowly slips each part of it into her horny pussy and ass. She finds it so dreamy buried inside both holes at once.

She enjoys sliding the toy out, then back inside her nice and deeply, but when the wand is switched on Lucy is in complete ecstasy – WOW! The wand gives her such a hard orgasm over and over.

A wonderful video update!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Evening Ecstacy [Video]

Vid 220 prev 05Vid 220 prev 11Lucy looks very sexy and also glamorous in this video update on Rubber Passion.

See Lucy laid out on her rubberised bed while wearing her black rubber catsuit and tight lilac corset with hot heels!


She unzips her catsuit and we see her giving her juicy wet pussy and ass lots of attention and get a great view of her huge rubber tits from below! She slides her rubber gloved fingers inside her cunt and alternates while slipping them inside her ass, then both at the same time – beautiful!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Evening Ecstacy

This is a very sexy gallery called ‘Evening Ecstacy’ and can be seen at Rubber Passion.

Gall 111 prev 03Lucy enjoys dressing in lots of shiny black latex after a busy day. She is pictured on a very elegant looking bed with black rubber mattress.

We see her grabbing her Magic Wand toy with a black pussy and anal toy attachment and she sucks it, fingers her pussy (which looks very wet) and then stuffs up inside both holes!

Gall 111 prev 04

Lucy loves to slide it deep inside her ass, feeling the hard vibrations and giving her some very intense orgasms 😀

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Naughty Nurse Lucy [Pt1]

This very hot doctor/nurse video can be seen on Rubber Passion.  Nurse Lucy really has been a very naughty nurse.  She just gets naughtier!

Vid 201 prev 03Doctor James catches naughty Nurse Lucy taking a snooze when she was meant to be on duty. Seeing her stretched out on the bed in her sexy white and red nurse uniform, the doctor takes this opportunity to play with her tightly rubberised body.

Vid 201 prev 06


Lucy loves the feeling of the Doctor’s hands feeling her curves and squeezing her huge rubber tits. He slowly unzips her pussy and gives it a close examinination with his fingers and tongue.

She spies a nice big bulge in Doctor James’s scrubs and can’t wait to see and taste what’s inside.

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Naughty Nurse Lucy

Lucy is a fully rubberised nurse in this gallery on Rubber Passion, wearing a very sexy white catsuit and red rubber corset.

Gall 102 prev 01Nurse Lucy is given the task of tidying the medical room, but soon gets very bored and is caught sleeping on the job!  See what happens when the Doctor finds her sound asleep on the bed!  He decides it’s time that Lucy should be given a kind of medical examination.

Lucy is given a special type of medical examination.  I don’t think it’ll stop her from sleeping on the job again, as she seems to be enjoying it a bit too much!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Rubber Booty video

If you liked the gallery then you’ll LOVE the video!  In this Rubber Passion update, you will see some great clips of her big rubber tits, big round ass and Lucy also cums many times with the Magic Wand!

Vid 192 prev 05The soft, thin latex stretching over those big breasts looks amazing.  Lucy couldn’t help running her fingers over them and sqeezing them.  That made her very very wet inside her tight rubber leggings!  Those leggings grip Lucy’s ass nice and tightly as she makes it bounce by slapping it around.  The latex was incredibly tight between her  big round ass cheeks and cunt lips.  She is so desperately horny… but luckily she had her Magic Wand very close by!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Vacbed Punishment

Latex Lucy finds herself getting vacuum packed in this video update on Rubber Passion.

vid-172-prev-05Lucy can’t wait to feel the silky soft latex sheet of the vacbed being sucked up tight against her.

While she is being vacuum packed she is also being punished as she is restrained and unable to move!

Latex Lucy is unable to control herself as the latex slaps against her tits and pussy combined with the Magic Wand tormenting her pussy.