Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Dungeon Torment Part:1

This video on Rubber Passion shows Lucy in the dungeon with a guy in black rubber.  She is teased and tormented while bound to the bondage cross.

Vid-198-prev-031Lucy is brought into the dungeon on a leash and placed on the bondage cross where she is handcuffed at her wrists and ankles.  A leather belt is also tied around her waist to secure her to the cross.  She could wriggle a bit, but she couldn’t escape – although I’m not sure she would want too!

vid-198-prev-05The guy has complete access to Lucy’s sexy body and can do whatever he chooses.  He teases and torments her by whipping her huge tits, squeezing them, then slips his hands between her legs.  His fingers find their way inside her swollen wet pussy.

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Apartment: 309

In this update on Rubber Passion, Lucy agrees to meet a fan in an apartment.  The video is shot in a POV style (from both his and her view!)

vid-195-prev-02On this day, Lucy agreed to meet with a fan in apartment 309.  She dresses very sexily in lots of tight rubber before the meeting.  The video shows Lucy entering the apartment and slipping into her black rubber leggings, top, hood and some ultra sexy high heels.  When she invites him into the apartment, she can’t wait to strip him down to his latex and they play with each other’s shiny rubberised bodies… very hot!!