Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Pumped Pussy Examination [Pt1]

Another HOT not series, ‘Pumped Pussy Examination’ on Rubber Passion.  See Lucy’s pussy as you’ve never seen it before!

Vid 245 Prev 32Wow, here Lucy has a HUGE pussy to match perfectly with her huge tits! I was amazed to see just how plump and juicy Lucy’s cunt is here – so delicious! It even bounces like rubber when the doctor touches it!

First you get to see the suction pump being removed and her cunt is incredibly swollen when released.

Vid 245 Prev 26

Lucy is all dressed in white latex – even with a matching white gasmask and a pair of clear plastic heels.

The doctor examines her tight swollen cunt with his fingers, then next with his tongue.

This is a video not to be missed – Can’t wait to see the next part!