Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Tales of the Latex Sex Asylum!

Latex Lucy is bound to a wheel chair and fucked by a machine in this kinky set on House of Taboo.

Ever wonder where gorgeous babes that are addicted to latex and love get sent too when they can’t get enough cock? Well, think no more as we present to you “Tales of the latex sex asylum” featuring our bodacious and beautiful patient “Latex Lucy” and her two love doctors “Kid Jamaica and Franco Roccaforte”.

Watch behind the scenes what takes place when Lucy is admitted and treated like royalty with a mechanical cock at the service of her perfectly shaved twat, and two real ones to quench the desires of her lusty mouth!

It all begins when doctor Roccaforte wheels in Lucy in her see-through, shiny latex outfit and props her near the window for some sun. After giving her a pain killer, she relaxes and the doctor exits the room. Kid Jamaica comes in wearing a crazy orderly apron and hat and finds Lucy knocked the fuck out. He’s always wanted to be a doctor, and he can’t resist but to see exactly how sedated she is.

The devious orderly begins to whip Lucy with his belt across her beautiful tits, and then binds her wrists and ankles to the wheel chair. What could he be up to? Perhaps, he has found the perfect remedy for her pain?

Lucy looks gorgeous in her slumber, like a plastic doll. Her shaven veegee is in full view as she is wearing no panties, and her rock hard nipples are in full effect. The tight plastic really showcases her round, juicy globes and her waist is so small that the distinction between her top and bottom is in the form of a shapely hourglass figurine.

Kid Jamaica pulls out a fucking machine from nowhere with a purple screw style dildo at the tip. He positions it at the entrance to her hot twat and starts working the remote control, increasing the speed till Lucy is awake and moaning from the hard thrusts of the mechanical device. It goes deep and fast into Lucy’s pussy, and her juicy red lips pout with pleasure. Then Kid puts the machine on autopilot and stuffs his big cock right into Lucy’s mouth. She bobs and moans as her poon gets pounded good. The machine knows no limits!

What takes her over the edge is when Kid bends over and sucks on Lucy’s clit while the machine is still nailing her. That really gets her fired up.

But oh no! The doctor is back, and he’s fuckin pissed! Kid gets pulled out of the room by his ear and Roccaforte quickly checks his patients heart beat to make sure she’s okay. Once he gets the green light though, he’s no fool! His monster dick comes out too and Lucy enjoy’s herself another meaty snack and a protein shake, courtesy of the DDF sex asylum!

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Obey the Kitty! [Part 2]

The second part of Latex Lucy’s hardcore House of Taboo set includes some interracial sex and nasty condom play.

Welcome to part 2 of “Obey the Kitty” starring Latex, Lucy, Kid Jamaica, and Franco Roccaforte!

Last we left the Taboo session Latex Lucy had overcome one of her handlers, Kid Jamaica, after tasting his meat and leaving her mark on his face. It looks like secondary precautions were put into place for the caging of Lucy, and Franco Roccaforte comes in hot on the scene to control the luscious latex cat woman!

Franco is quick to pepper up Latex Lucy’s curvy bottom as punishment for caging the Kid, but he get’s a good lashing on his face as well as Lucy draws blood!

Lucy is then picked up by the throat by the giant Roccaforte, who is almost double her size! He brings Lucy to her knees and feeds her his dark bone. Lucy’s luscious red lips wrap around the kielbasa and she calms for awhile, but that’s not enough for Franco. He bends her over the cage and lifts up her latex skirt revealing her sumptuous derriere and spanking it hard with his menacing hand.

Franco’s ready to stick it to Lucy for being such a naughty cat woman. He wraps his willy and stuffs it deep into her juicy twat and pounds her sweet ass into submission.

Then it’s time for a snack from the Latex babe and Rocco goes deep with his tongue into her love nest before jamming his cock inside her again. Rocco decides to let his partner in crime, Kid Jamaica in on the action and let’s him out for some tag team fucking.

From there on out it’s a Latex fuck fest as the two handler’s really give it to their kitty cat Lucy, stuffing her to capacity with cock. For one last measure of “Don’t you do that again, bad kitty! ” they empty out the cum from their condoms into Lucy’s mouth.

We’re left with Latex Lucy eyeballing us through her sexy cat mask, with a very satisfied look on her face!


Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Obey the Kitty! [Part 1]

The first part of this House of Taboo set features Latex Lucy in a pussycat latex suit. Caged Lucy gives her captor Kid Jamaica an exquisite blow job before reversing roles and trapping him.

In this amazing world we live in, most anything you can imagine can come true. For our guy Kid Jamaica, he’s always dreamed of having his very own life-sized pussycat that would be completely obedient to his every need.

Including, but not limited to sucking down his meat-bone on command. Today his dream comes true as he encounters the lovely Latex Lucy sleeping in a cage, and starving for a big fat sausage!

We first come upon the exquisite beauty as she paces around in her cage, clad in a latex outfit that’s hotter then a Super Nova colliding with the Sun. Shiny red mini dress with a very detailed leopard style pattern on the mask and underside, low cut front to display her juicy rack, and no panties. Just Puurrrrrrfect!

Her gorgeous eyes peer back at us while she licks her luscious lips as a cat would when it’s hungry for some milk. Kid Jamaica appears on the scene and is quite intrigued by the exotic specimen in the cage. Lucy backs that sweet round ass up towards the Kid and he can see her shaved peach which gets his pecker rock hard instantly. It’s not long before he pokes his prick straight into the cage and the cat women devours it willingly, with mucho gusto. Kid plays a game with her and decides to poke his dick into the cage in every angle to see if the cunning Lucy can still suck it down.

Kid Jamaica then decides he needs to sink it in the pink, so he opens up the cage but gets lashed out at by Lucy and acquires a long scratch on his face and suddenly finds himself locked in the cage. Latex Lucy crawls above and peers down at her new man slave in a sexy pose. Hmmmm, what could she be up to?