Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: The Juice Bar [Pt3]

In this final episode of ‘The Juice Bar’ on Rubber Passion, you can see Lucy’s face covered in messy cum ūüėÄ
Vid 227 prev 01Lucy is bent forward over the bar with with a big stiff cock buried deep in her cunt, fucking it nice and hard. As always, we see that she clearly enjoys every minute!

She then gives the bar guy a real good, thorough sucking off. It’s so hot to watch.

Vid 227 prev 06

Lucy plays with the guy’s cock with her hands and lips, working it up to¬†bursting point¬†until she is finally rewarded with¬†an explosion¬†of sticky cum all over her sexy rubber face.

Doesn’t that dress displays her huge tits so well? I love it.