Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: German Fetish Weekend [Bonus Gallery Pt 2]

This is a really nice gallery of Lucy in Berlin at the German Fetish Weekend. You can find this bonus gallery on Rubber Passion.

Gall 114 prev 01This gallery consists of more pics taken in and around the fetish fair and hotel where Lucy stayed over the weekend. You’ll spot some awesome shots taken by Alexander Horn and some while being filmed by Michel Parent.

You can also see a few more pics of Lucy in her amazing Ball outfit while at the party.

Gall 114 prev 05

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: German Fetish Weekend [Gallery]

Lucy has added a bonus gallery to Rubber Passion. All pics were taken around the time of the German Fetish Ball.

Gall 113 prev 02This is the super sexy pink and black outfit that Latex Lucy dressed in for the Ball – it looks incredible! She told me it took her over an hour to dress in as it has many zips, lacing and buckles down the legs and arms. Then it is complete with a matching corset to frame her tiny waist.

Lucy also shares some pics she did with an artist. In these pics she is all dressed in a black catsuit – some just in a corset, mask and heels!

Gall 113 prev 01

See Lucy in some very sexy poses – such as this one as she unzips the crotch of her catsuit and fingers her hot little pussy 😀

I also love the few pics she did with her rubber girlfriend, Frejadottir. Mmm It looks as though they really had some fun together. It would be really nice to see another update of them playing together soon.

Gall 113 prev 04I hope there’ll be a lot more of these type of pics to come. It is great to see Lucy in action, but it’s also nice to see more imagery like this.

Go check them out for yourself!



Latex Lucy: German Fetish Weekend

Lucy has announced she will be attending the German Fetish Weekend this June in Berlin. The dates for the event are 6th-9th June.

Lucy: “I’m so excited to be going to this event as I haven’t been for years!  I will probably attend the fairs and the Rubber Ball, plus I’d love to see more of Berlin. It would be great to meet some of my fans, buy lots of latex, fun toys and perhaps some bondage accessories as well as meet lots of new people!!  Now I just need to start thinking of which outfits to take… any suggestions? :)”

Here is what Lucy wore a couple of years ago at the Fetish Evolution Weekend:

02Gloger 2012 05









If you would like to arrange to meet Lucy, then it may be possible and you can get in touch with her via her Rubber Passion contact page.