Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Naughty Nurse Lucy [Pt2]

Don’t miss this 2nd part of ‘Naughty Nurse Lucy’ on Rubber Passion.  This video is just ultra hot.  Even more fucking than you would expect to see.  Definately not one to be missed!

Vid 203 prev 02If you want to see Lucy being fucked continuously, with lots of close-up shots and in various position, then you REALLY need to see this!

Watch as Dr James pounds her juicy cunt hard from behind.  See Lucy’s rubber bubble butt wobble as she slides up and down onto his stiff cock.

Vid 203 prev 07After a good, thorough examination, Lucy loves to taste Dr James’ cum from inside the latex condom.  She is such a dirty, and very horny girl.  It would be great to see more like this!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Naughty Nurse Lucy

Lucy is a fully rubberised nurse in this gallery on Rubber Passion, wearing a very sexy white catsuit and red rubber corset.

Gall 102 prev 01Nurse Lucy is given the task of tidying the medical room, but soon gets very bored and is caught sleeping on the job!  See what happens when the Doctor finds her sound asleep on the bed!  He decides it’s time that Lucy should be given a kind of medical examination.

Lucy is given a special type of medical examination.  I don’t think it’ll stop her from sleeping on the job again, as she seems to be enjoying it a bit too much!