Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Rubber Tease [Pt2]

In part 2 of Latex Lucy’s ‘Rubber Tease’ series on Rubber Passion, she shows us just how much she loves to suck on a hard cock.

Vid 204 prev 04In this part, Lucy is clearly getting very horny. She bends over the bed and show us her tight rubberised ass as the rubber guy gropes and squeezes it.  His fingers massage her bare pussy and slide over those big shiny breasts.  This is such a hot video.


Vid 204 prev 01

Lucy doesn’t waste any time wrapping her big juicy lips around the guy’s cock.  Watch as she slowly licks the full length of his excited cock from the base upwards and then swallows the whole length.

This will leave you needing to see the next part!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Rubber Tease [Pt1]

Lucy looks perfect in this purple rubber oufit with cute blonde pigtails on Rubber Passion.  She teases with her tight rubbery curves and seems to be very much enjoying it too.

Vid 202 prev 09Without a doubt this is the perfect outfit for Lucy! So tight and sexy, the latex hugs onto every curve.  She is fully covered and tightly corsetted, but you can still see those huge breasts and nipples through the transparent latex (see below) – wow!


Vid 202 prev 04In this video, Lucy enjoys playing with a guy covered in black latex (something she can’t seem to get enough of).  With plenty of sensual touching and teasing it would be difficult not to get aroused when watching this 😀


Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Rubber Favourites

This is a gallery on Rubber Passion featuring two amazingly sexy outfits!  Both outfits mould to Lucy’s body perfectly and make her look even more doll like than ever before.

gall-101-prev-02How can you not love these two outfits? The semi-transparent purple outfit is very cute and sexy with those glossy pigtails with matching rubber bows and very tight corset to emphasise Lucy’s already very narrow waist. She promises to do a video shoot wearing this outfit soon – I can’t wait!

Her plum catsuit and hood outfit has a very low neck and shows off those massive tits perfectly.  All pics were taken by the very talented Lucas of Soul Focus Studios.

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Return to Room: 17 Part:1 [video]

In this video update on Rubber Passion, Latex Lucy walks around the abandoned building in her sexy black latex outfit and extreme high heels.  I can’t wait to see the second part.

Vid 196 prev 05She was convinced there was somebody in the same building, or was it was just her mind playing tricks!  She finds ropes, chains and a pair of handcuffs hanging from some ceiling railings in a room [Room:17] and wonders who could have put them there and why…although she did have some idea of why they were there and those thoughts were making her feel a bit horny!  She hears something approach quickly from behind and is grabbed and a hand is placed over her mouth!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Return to Room: 17

In this gallery update on Rubber Passion, Lucy is out exploring derelict buildings.  It’s great to see her in an outdoor shoot in her full sexy black rubber outfit.

Gall 99 prev 01While exploring, Lucy comes across a series of large derelict buildings and decides to explore.  These old buildings were very dark and creepy.  Lucy could hear noises coming from different rooms all around her, although there was no-one to be seen!  She was feeling a bit scared, so tried to sneak around quietly (although those amazing high heels echoed wherever she walked!). She checks each corner before entering a room… until finally she finds a room that looks familiar and knew she had been there before!  She sees ropes and chains hanging from the ceiling, plus a pair of handcuffs….