Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Party Preparations – Pt1 [Video]

A very sexy solo video on Rubber Passion starring Latex Lucy and what she gets up to before the German Fetish Ball.
Vid 296 prev 04The video starts with Lucy arriving back to her¬†hotel with a walk through the car park, into the elevator and back to her room. She’s looking incredible in a metallic blue catsuit.

She looks through the wardrobe and decides on something to wear for the ball, but is soon distracted by her Magic wand – bad Lucy! ūüėÄ

Vid 296 prev 16

She has all of her outfit laid on the bed – and there’s a lot of latex there, lol. But first she simply can’t resist playing with the Magic Wand, which¬†she uses¬†to make herself cum!

I’m assuming we’ll get to¬†see Lucy dressing¬†into all of that rubber in the next part. Let’s hope so!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Boobie Lovers – Pts 1&2 [Video]

Wow! Loads of sexy sensual kissing and big bouncing breasts with Latex Lucy & Ariane St Amour in this amazing video series on Rubber Passion.

Vid 295 prev 03Seeing two girls in rubber is always a turn on, but watching these girls together is whole new level of hotness!

Lucy and Ariane show us some ultra hot kissing and pull their huge tits out of their tight latex to give us a closer look, omg! ūüėÄ
Vid 295 prev 08

Ariane slaps Lucy’s round bubble butt and they take it in turn to lick and bury their faces in each others massive round tits, wow – it is hotttt!!

This is something you really need to see! Support Latex Lucy by joining her site and watch this along with 300 other incredible vids!

Latex Lucy: Nominated as ‘BDSM Sex Goddess 2015’

You may remember that Lucy¬†won¬†‘BDSM Sex Goddess 2014’¬†for last year’s DDF Awards.¬†She also came 2nd for ‘Ultimate Sex Goddess 2014’.¬†Well now she has been nominated again for 2015!

image1 - Copy (2)

Show your support for Lucy by voting to making¬†her this year’s goddess.¬†She’ll be needing all of your support and I’m sure this will make her a very happy rubber doll, meaning we get to see even more of her!

Voting isn’t completely under way just yet, but we’ll need to submit our email address to be alerted when the contest begins.

Vote for Latex Lucy!!!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Worship Me! [Video]

This video series on Rubber Passion promises to be such an awesomely hot one!  As here we get to see Lucy in a more dominant role.
Vid 289 prev 13Lucy looks incredible in her pink rubber mini dress and matching outfit with long shiny transparent legs – revealing her sexy round tits and ass!

She leads her rubber slave onto the sofa by a leash and allows him to worship her heels.

Sequence 01.Still317aLucy treats her slave by smothering him with her massive tits. This looks so hot and I’m sure this must have made her slave instantly hard ūüėÄ

If that wasn’t enough, she also feeds him her sweet wet pussy – even sitting on his face.¬†This really is a scene worth signing up to her site for!

Latex Lucy in Simon O Contest

Lucy Red Simon OLucy has entered into the Simon O Contest where the 12 models with the highest votes are selected to win a free catsuit each plus a 1 year subscription of Marquis magazine.

You can vote for your¬†favourite model every 24 hours and the voting ends in approx. 8 weeks time – so let’s help Lucy get to the top so we get to see her in more outfits like the one on the left!

The top 12 models are then to do a shoot in the outfits Simon O¬†creates for them and you get to vote¬†for one of the 12 models with the highest votes.¬†Let’s make that¬†Latex Lucy ūüėÄ


Lucy has made a promise to do a webcam show on Rubber Passion if she wins the contest and I’ve also heard that she has a much bigger prize in¬†mind which she’ll announce if she makes it through to the top 12 – it’s pretty amazing too!

Vote for Latex Lucy!!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Rubber Maid Slut [Pt 5]

This is the¬†final part of ‘Rubber Maid Slut’ on Rubber Passion¬†where maid Lucy is seen to be finishing off her job very well.
Vid 273 prev 09Lucy gets to work on sucking cock again, after¬†her Master had¬†already fucked her with his big cock in the previous part.¬†His friend then arrives back and slips another hood over¬†her rubber face. Lucy’s luscious lips look so hot sticking out of the tight black hood. Now only¬†her lips can be seen, and¬†they’re all that’s needed!
Vid 273 prev 12Latex Lucy sucks his cock with her juicy lips, making his cock erupt all over her glossy face. She licks up the cum from around her mouth, but before she is finished, a breath play hood is slipped over her messy face while her breathing is being controlled, like a real rubber doll!¬†ūüėÄ

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Cling Filmed Fuck Doll [Video]

See this awesome new video series on Rubber Passion where Lucy is wrapped in black cling film and used.
Vid 272 prev 02Lucy has been placed on a bed and left bound in cling film for when her Master returns.

She’s dressed in¬†a¬†semi-transparent black¬†rubber catsuit which looks stunning stretched over those huge tits. Her arms have been¬†bound behind¬†her and legs folded¬†back –

Vid 272 prev 20she’s not going anywhere! ūüėÄ

When her Master¬†returns he plays with Lucy’s tits, squeezing them hard¬†and plays with¬†her sexy¬†tightly wrapped rubber body.¬†He also takes full advantage of that zip over her pussy and fingers her wet cunt, driving Lucy crazy!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Enter her February Prize Draw!

You may remember that in the past, Latex Lucy has held a prize draw for her member’s?

Well she is doing this again across February! If you join or are an existing member during February, you can enter her prize draw to win some awesome prizes:

1st Prize ‚Äď 1 hour private webcam session OR 1 of¬†Lucy’s worn rubber hoods.
2nd Prize ‚ÄstLucy’s ‚ÄėFetish Worlds 14‚Ä≤ DVD OR a 2-month membership
3rd Prize ‚ÄstA Rubber¬†Passion¬†2015 calendar (signed) OR a 1-month membership

Winners will be announced in¬†Lucy’s¬†Chatroom on Friday 6th March.

IMG_6745 (2)

So if you’ve been considering joining¬†Rubber Passion, now¬†would be a¬†great time to sample it!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Rubber Mermaid [Bonus Gallery]

Take a look at this hot sunbathing rubber mermaid on Rubber Passion. Lucy added this bonus gallery, taken while she was in Greece.
39Latex Lucy looks like a perfect rubber mermaid in this black outfit and cute pigtails by the pool.

The pics were taken last autumn on her holidays in sunny Greece. This outfit suits Lucy’s figure perfectly, showing off all her sexy curves in all that super tight rubber!


Who knows, maybe we’ll get to see a video of¬†her wearing this amazing outfit in the future – it would be awesome to see a sexy black rubber mermaid swimming, if that’s¬†at all possible.

Lucy is always full of surprises and it’s always fun to see what she has in store for us next.


Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Bow & Obey [Pt1]

Watch blonde Hungarian mistress Kayla Green really give Latex Lucy’s butt a walloping in this new fetish XXX video on House of Taboo.

image4 - Copy

It seems Lucy hasn‚Äôt done her chores properly, so Mistress Kayla smacks her with a flogger, first on her arms, and then getting Lucy,¬†DDF’s 2014 BDSM Sex Goddess, on her knees for some doggie style ass-warming through her latex bodysuit.

But Lucy is not getting off lightly! She’s put over Kayla’s knee for some spanking by Kayla’s powerful hand with purple-polished fingernails, and then she’s made to bow and lick her mistress’s shoes and feet through her stockings. Then Kayla sits on Lucy’s back like a horsie, using her whip as the bridle, then pulling on Lucy’s pigtails, before giving her bad slave girl some more ass-flogging.

Lucy kneels obediently before her mistress, but her punishment isn’t finished! Be back for Part 2 later this week to see what develops.

image2 - Copy