What is it about latex that turns you on the most?

I love the shine and overall tightness of latex…the way it stretches across my body like a tight second skin.  It makes me feel very sexy when wearing it.  I love that tight, restrictive feeling it gives and the way it accentuates my curves 🙂

When did you first realise you were into latex?

I have had a thing for anything tight and figure hugging since my early teens.  I would mostly wear tight lycra or skin tight jeans.  I would never have considered wearing a pair of baggy trousers or anything loose fitting.. that would feel and look incredibly unsexy to me!  I discovered PVC in my later teens.. which had that nice shine, but not so much stretchiness.  Soon after that, I tried on my first latex garment (which was a black mini dress).  It was made from cheap moulded latex, but I was already addicted to the feel and look of it as soon as I dressed in it.  I also noticed how much I love that yummy rubbery smell.  Since finding quality latex I have never looked back and I now have a very large wardrobe of the stuff.  Although there is never quite enough in there! 😉

How many latex costumes do you currently have?

I have far too much to list! hehe.  Although I do have the majority of my ‘Rubber Wardrobe’ added to and I’m constantly updating that.  To give you some idea, I have approximately 20 catsuits, 40 hoods, 15 dresses, 8 rubber corsets and much more.

What is your favourite costume?

I do get asked this a lot and I used to find it difficult to decide.  I would say that my favourite outfit would be a well fitting latex catsuit with matching hood, strong rubber corset, matching gloves and a nice pair of really sexy high heels.  I do like some of the more high fashion outfits, but easily get bored of how they look.  A simple latex catsuit and corset can look far sexier and much more striking in my opinon.

Do you prefer men or women?

The female figure is very sexy, especially in tight latex.  However, I have to admit that a guy in latex turns me on even more… guys have that extra special something of course 😉

What is your favourite sexual position?

There are so many… but if I really had to choose I would have to say doggy style 😉

Are you an exhibitionist? Do you like sex outdoors?

I do love to dress sexily in public…particularly wearing tight latex under my normal clothing. Sex outdoors is always risky, but that’s a big part of the excitement of course! I’ve done quite a few outdoor scenes now too…some in bondage, some with sex toys and others fucking in rubber. I love it!

Do you prefer to be submissive or dominant?

I am naturally submissive, but do occasionally like to switch.