Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Visiting Hours [Pt3]

Another visitor joins the clear rubber doll, Latex Lucy in her prison cell in ‘Visiting Hours’ Pt3, on Rubber Passion.

Vid 246 prev 02Another rubber guy fully dressed in black rubber enters the cell and both guys are now taking full advantage of rubber doll Lucy.

The first guy eventually leaves the cell, leaving the other guy to play with Lucy alone. It’s now Lucy’s job to suck and please another horny guy!

Vid 246 prev 15

Lucy quickly wraps her lips around his cock – remembering exactly why she’s there :D

Her juicy rubber cunt is thoroughly fingered, licked and then fucked, Mmm!

This is such a great scene!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Pumped Pussy Examination [Pt1]

Another HOT not series, ‘Pumped Pussy Examination’ on Rubber Passion.  She Lucy’s pussy as you’ve never seen it before!

Vid 245 Prev 32Wow, here Lucy has a HUGE pussy to match perfectly with her huge tits! I was amazed to see just how plump and juicy Lucy’s cunt is here – so delicious! It even bounces like rubber when the doctor touches it!

First you get to see the suction pump being removed and her cunt is incredibly swollen when released.

Vid 245 Prev 26

Lucy is all dressed in white latex – even with a matching white gasmask and a pair of clear plastic heels.

The doctor examines her tight swollen cunt with his fingers, then next with his tongue.

This is a video not to be missed – Can’t wait to see the next part!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Visiting Hours [Pt2]

In this second episode of ‘Visiting Hours’ Lucy is pleasing her visitor by giving him access to her luscious lips and juicy rubber cunt on Rubber Passion :D

Vid 244 prev 02This time we get to see Lucy wrapping her lips around her visitor’s big cock. By the way she slides those lips over his cock and right down her throat you can just see how much she enjoys it!!

Lucy really does do a great job of pleasing her first visitor.

Vid 244 prev 16

The visitor then gets to fuck Lucy’s tight rubber cunt – here’s a great view of him fucking her, balls deep, Mmm.

I think Lucy begins to realise that this prison is exactly where she belongs. Maybe we should all pay her a visit :D

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Simon O Catsuit [Bonus Gallery]

Every month or so, Lucy spoils us by adding a bonus gallery on Rubber Passion as an extra update. This gallery is absolutely stunning!

Gall 116 prev 02Simon O sent Lucy this sexy red catsuit to model. It has a zipper running across the width of her huge breasts too – perfect :D

This is the first half of the gallery, so expect see the other half in another bonus gallery.  You can also expect to see me wearing some more Simon O rubber in the near future. Let’s hope Lucy does a video in this outfit!

The outfit is accompanied with a hot Rubber55 Corset and Ponytail Hood. What a combination!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Forced Into Submission [Pt4]

This is the last episode of an amazing video series on Rubber Passion. Such a great ending to a super hot series.
Vid 243 prev 04Lucy is taken over to the bench with her legs and arms strapped down and buckled into a nice position. Her mouth is used by the Master’s cock as he slides inside to fuck it, Mmm.

He whips her ass as she sucks on him, feeling the sharpness of his crop making her cheeks very sore!
Vid 243 prev 16

Eventually, Lucy is released from the bench and lead to the chair again. Here she continues to suck his stiff cock.

The Master produces a black rubber hood with no eye holes and slips it over Lucy’s head, using her juicy lips again until he spurts messy cum all over her perfect rubber doll face!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Visiting Hours [Pt1]

In this new video, Lucy is held in a cell where she can be visited to be used as a fuck toy! See it now on Rubber Passion.
Vid 242 prev 05Dressed appropriately in her ‘Slut Lucy’ outfit all in tight transparent latex, Lucy’s job is to please any guy who calls into the cell. She looks like the ultimate rubber doll!

The catsuit she wear is zipless and has a pussy sheath so the guys can have easy access.

Vid 242 prev 17

When the first visitor arrives, Lucy enjoys feeling his mouth on her tits and his fingers drive her wild as they slide inside her juicy rubberised cunt.

Maybe this is the perfect job for Lucy :D Can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode!


Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Forced Into Submission [Pt3]

Lucy looks so sexy in that ultra short see-through mini dress. See part 3 of this awesomely hot video episode on Rubber Passion!
Vid 241 prev 01After sucking the guy’s cock while down on her knees, Lucy is now pushed over a metal cage and punished. She is spanked through the thin rubber crotchless tights until her ass is sore :D

After being spanked, Lucy starts to feel weak and hot inside. She now

Vid 241 prev 05

knows that he can fuck her pussy as hard as he likes and she can’t resist.

The Master grinds his cock inside her pussy, pounding her good and hard, Mmm. Yet another great Rubber Passion video!!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: A Private Meeting with Lucy

This exciting POV style video shows us how a private meeting with Lucy could be! Watch it on Rubber Passion.

Vid 240 prev 13This video was taken of a private hotel room meeting with Lucy and was filmed through the guy’s eyes.

It’s in an artistic style, but is also an incredibly hot, sensual, and very erotic video. As Lucy looks into the camera, you can feel it’s you that she’s looking at and makes you feel you are in the scene with her!
Vid 240 prev 15

There’s lots of very sexy teasing – as Lucy touches and plays with her amazing rubberised curves at the same time. As she sucks the guy’s cock, you can almost feel it could be you!!

This is such an awesome and creative video.

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Forced Into Submission [Pt2]

In Part 2 of ‘Forced Into Submission’ Lucy takes on a different role.  See it on Rubber Passion.

Vid 239 prev 03This scene shows us how Lucy switches from dominant to submissive.

After her ‘slave’ has licked and fingered her hot pussy, Lucy is just too horny to take control and the power now easily shifts over to her slave.

Vid 239 prev 18

The ‘slave’ quickly notices the opportunity to assert his dominance over Lucy and shows this by slapping her huge rubber tits! Mmm.

Lucy attempts to unzip his cock, but he pushes her down onto her knees (where she belongs!) and where she finally gets to have his throbbing where she wants it.

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Pink Fuck Doll [Pt3]

We now get to see the final part to ‘Pink Fuck Doll’ on Rubber Passion.

Vid 238 prev 07This episode was well worth the wait as we see Lucy fucked in some great positions – such as the one below. Her massive tits are also freed from the tight rubber :D

She gives the guy a handjob, then he takes over while Lucy continues to suck him until he finally cums.

Vid 238 prev 04

Lucy seems to enjoy licking up the messy cum. Such a filthy girl!!

Hopefully we’ll get to see more and more videos where Lucy is used in such a way – she is perfect for this role!