Latex Lucy on Real Fuck Doll: Lucy as a real doll!

Latex Lucy has recently been modelling for a new website, Real Fuck Doll. I believe this is the first website of it’s kind and is a very fun and clever idea. The best thing is, that all of the dolls are modelled by Latex Lucy!
06aOn the site, Lucy is not always in latex, but always in tight, sexy and revealing clothes. You can see her in Lycra catsuits, uniforms and some PVC etc as well as some latex. She’s also mostly unhooded, which is different to her site, Rubber Passion, where she is mostly (but not always) wearing a rubber hood.


I have noticed that Lucy will add a sneaky piece of latex to most outfits (like panties of stockings). You can also see her in full latex as a Rubber Sex Doll, which we already know she does so well 😀




I can’t believe how much Latex Lucy really looks like a sex doll in the pics and vids on Real Fuck Doll, she barely even blinks and manages to remain completely still throughout the scenes (even when fingered, having a dick in her mouth and being fucked). Although I do see and sense that it’s a struggle for her to keep so quiet, and in the Rubber Doll scene she does squeal a bit, haha. It’s so amazing!!