Latex Lucy: Nominated as ‘BDSM Sex Goddess 2015’

You may remember that Lucy won ‘BDSM Sex Goddess 2014’ for last year’s DDF Awards. She also came 2nd for ‘Ultimate Sex Goddess 2014’. Well now she has been nominated again for 2015!

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Show your support for Lucy by voting to making her this year’s goddess. She’ll be needing all of your support and I’m sure this will make her a very happy rubber doll, meaning we get to see even more of her!

Voting isn’t completely under way just yet, but we’ll need to submit our email address to be alerted when the contest begins.

Vote for Latex Lucy!!!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Worship Me! [Video]

This video series on Rubber Passion promises to be such an awesomely hot one!  As here we get to see Lucy in a more dominant role.
Vid 289 prev 13Lucy looks incredible in her pink rubber mini dress and matching outfit with long shiny transparent legs – revealing her sexy round tits and ass!

She leads her rubber slave onto the sofa by a leash and allows him to worship her heels.

Sequence 01.Still317aLucy treats her slave by smothering him with her massive tits. This looks so hot and I’m sure this must have made her slave instantly hard 😀

If that wasn’t enough, she also feeds him her sweet wet pussy – even sitting on his face. This really is a scene worth signing up to her site for!