Latex Lucy in Simon O Contest

Lucy Red Simon OLucy has entered into the Simon O Contest where the 12 models with the highest votes are selected to win a free catsuit each plus a 1 year subscription of Marquis magazine.

You can vote for your favourite model every 24 hours and the voting ends in approx. 8 weeks time – so let’s help Lucy get to the top so we get to see her in more outfits like the one on the left!

The top 12 models are then to do a shoot in the outfits Simon O creates for them and you get to vote for one of the 12 models with the highest votes. Let’s make that Latex Lucy 😀


Lucy has made a promise to do a webcam show on Rubber Passion if she wins the contest and I’ve also heard that she has a much bigger prize in mind which she’ll announce if she makes it through to the top 12 – it’s pretty amazing too!

Vote for Latex Lucy!!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Rubber Maid Slut [Pt 5]

This is the final part of ‘Rubber Maid Slut’ on Rubber Passion where maid Lucy is seen to be finishing off her job very well.
Vid 273 prev 09Lucy gets to work on sucking cock again, after her Master had already fucked her with his big cock in the previous part. His friend then arrives back and slips another hood over her rubber face. Lucy’s luscious lips look so hot sticking out of the tight black hood. Now only her lips can be seen, and they’re all that’s needed!
Vid 273 prev 12Latex Lucy sucks his cock with her juicy lips, making his cock erupt all over her glossy face. She licks up the cum from around her mouth, but before she is finished, a breath play hood is slipped over her messy face while her breathing is being controlled, like a real rubber doll! 😀