Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Visiting Hours [Pt4]

Watch this final episode of ‘Visiting Hours’ on Rubber Passion. Not to be missed!


This time Lucy’s has two visitors at once. She clearly enjoys sucking both cocks while their fingers are probing deep inside her rubber coated pussy. They finger her naughty cunt hard and fast, driving her crazy – and slipping their tongues inside it.


As well as everything else, Lucy also gets to taste two loads of hot cum – something we all know she loves!

I love to see Latex Lucy wearing this clear rubber. It makes her look like a complete rubber doll and it would be awesome to see her used in such a way again 😀

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Bound Teased & Fucked [Pt1]

Latex Lucy is bound tightly with rope in this new video series on Rubber Passion.

Vid-248-prev-06The rubberised Master has Lucy’s legs bent backwards and bound very tightly with rope. She wears a hot metallic purple rubber outfit that hugs her body perfectly.

Lucy soon learns why she’s bound up as the Master unzips the crotch of her catsuit.

Vid-248-prev-03He teases her tight juicy pussy with his fingers, tormenting her and making her all the more horny and frustrated.

Lucy is now completely under this Master’s control and the more he plays with her bound rubber body, the hotter and juicier that cunt gets!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Pumped Pussy Examination [Pt2]

I’m loving this ‘Pumped Pussy Examination’ series on Rubber Passion. I think for this video Lucy does a bit of examining of her own!
Vid-247-prev-09“Oooh I just love the feeling when his fingers slide inside my swollen pussy!!” said Lucy. She examined the Doctor’s cock, un-doing his crotch zipper.

After her gasmask was removed, Lucy couldn’t wait to get his big dick inside her mouth. Vid-247-prev-15

She teases his with her juicy lips before giving it one of her amazing blowjobs. She tries her best to get as much of this cock in her mouth as possible and seems to relish every minute 😀

Really hoping there’s a fucking bit in the next part!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Visiting Hours [Pt3]

Another visitor joins the clear rubber doll, Latex Lucy in her prison cell in ‘Visiting Hours’ Pt3, on Rubber Passion.

Vid 246 prev 02Another rubber guy fully dressed in black rubber enters the cell and both guys are now taking full advantage of rubber doll Lucy.

The first guy eventually leaves the cell, leaving the other guy to play with Lucy alone. It’s now Lucy’s job to suck and please another horny guy!

Vid 246 prev 15

Lucy quickly wraps her lips around his cock – remembering exactly why she’s there 😀

Her juicy rubber cunt is thoroughly fingered, licked and then fucked, Mmm!

This is such a great scene!