Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Rubber Stable Stud [Pt1]

Another fantastic new video series on Rubber Passion, ‘Rubber Stable Stud’.

Vid 219 prev 06Lucy met with her rubber stud recently in some stables. It was something she had been really looking forward to and was already feeling very horny.

When he walked into the barn wearing some shiny black rubber, she could tell he was horny too as she spies his hard rubberised cock.

Vid 219 prev 10Lucy couldn’t wait to devour the cock with her juicy lips. The stud fingers her wet cunt and we see that she’s clearly in need of a fucking. Now we need to see her pussy devour it too. Mmm yum!

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Sapphos in Latex

006In this scene, Lucy is dominated by the beautiful Kyra Hot in this very sexy girl/girl update on House of Taboo.

Mistress Kyra Hot (in the black latex) puts her slave Latex Lucy through some serious paces in this unique encounter. Tugging Lucy close by her leash, she gets her pretty pink sub to do as she commands, whether it means to lick her bare legs, kiss her feet in the strappy heels, or then suck on the handle of Kyra’s whip. How vulnerable Lucy looks kneeling at her goddess’s feet, even as Mistress Kyra snaps the flogger on Lucy’s bottom in this fetish XXX video of sapphic latex porn.

Kyra squeezes Lucy’s nipples through her snug form-fitting pink bodysuit, then gives her a thorough spanking. She feels affection for her slave, though, and they lick tongues even as Kyra plays with Lucy’s cunt through an open zipper in the crotch of the pink suit. Lucy gets to suck on Kyra’s nipples, play with her pussy, but then she has to suck on the whip again–only this time to prepare it for a journey into her pussy. See all the latex loving in this new scene!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Evening Ecstacy

This is a very sexy gallery called ‘Evening Ecstacy’ and can be seen at Rubber Passion.

Gall 111 prev 03Lucy enjoys dressing in lots of shiny black latex after a busy day. She is pictured on a very elegant looking bed with black rubber mattress.

We see her grabbing her Magic Wand toy with a black pussy and anal toy attachment and she sucks it, fingers her pussy (which looks very wet) and then stuffs up inside both holes!

Gall 111 prev 04

Lucy loves to slide it deep inside her ass, feeling the hard vibrations and giving her some very intense orgasms 😀

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Jacuzzi Surprise [Pt5]

This is the final episode of ‘Jacuzzi Surprise’ on Rubber Passion. and WHAT a video it is!

Vid 218 prev 04Lucy is given a well hard fucking in the shower room – with a cock stuffed inside her tight rubber hole she was loving it.

You then get to see Lucy giving blowjobs to the 4 gasmasked rubber guys. She sucks and wanks them off until they squirt cum over her face as she tastes the cum and you see it

Vid 218 prev 06dribbling down her huge rubber boobs!

It would be really cool to see more videos like this with 2 or more guys playing with Lucy. You can really tell how much she loves it too.


Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: My Rubber Date [Pt2]

You don’t wanna miss the second and final part of this very hot series on Rubber Passion!

Vid 217 prev 03Lucy couldn’t wait to suck on her Rubber Date’s cock. She also had fun sliding it between her huge tits before slipping on a shiny black condom. If this isn’t enough to make you horny then I don’t know what will! She slides her pussy down on him and gives it a good hard fuck!!

Latex Lucy: German Fetish Weekend

Lucy has announced she will be attending the German Fetish Weekend this June in Berlin. The dates for the event are 6th-9th June.

Lucy: “I’m so excited to be going to this event as I haven’t been for years!  I will probably attend the fairs and the Rubber Ball, plus I’d love to see more of Berlin. It would be great to meet some of my fans, buy lots of latex, fun toys and perhaps some bondage accessories as well as meet lots of new people!!  Now I just need to start thinking of which outfits to take… any suggestions? :)”

Here is what Lucy wore a couple of years ago at the Fetish Evolution Weekend:

02Gloger 2012 05









If you would like to arrange to meet Lucy, then it may be possible and you can get in touch with her via her Rubber Passion contact page. 

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Jacuzzi Surprise [Pt4]

Just what we’ve all been waiting for – some great fucking in the ‘Jacuzzi Surprise’ series on Rubber Passion.

Vid 216 prev 09Lucy’s rubber cunt finally gets filled with lots of cock – and it’s exactly what it deserves.  Her pussy is throbbing so hard as she slides down on the first rubber guy’s stiff cock, while sucking on the next at the same time.  She takes each cock deep inside her tight rubberised cunt and is loving it!

Vid 216 prev 11

The more she is fucked the more cock she wants inside that hot pussy! It’s great to see the guys’ hands all over Lucy’s tits, tormenting her pussy and to see her sucking their cocks and being fucked all at the same time, Mmmm so delicious!!

I imagine Lucy could probably take on even more than 4 guys at a time!