Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Jacuzzi Surprise [Pt1]

‘Jacuzzi Surprise’ looks like it’s gonna be a pretty special video series on Rubber Passion.

Vid 212 prev 05Looking like a true rubber doll in her incredible rubber outfit, Lucy is seen taking a shower before entering a big jacuzzi. This is different from any normal jacuzzi as it is occupied by 4 rubber clad guys in gasmasks.

Lucy enjoys what she finds and starts to touch the guys rubber bodies, clearly noticing the bulges in their tight black suits.

Vid 212 prev 13

She also allows them to touch her – squeezing her huge rubber tits and sliding their hands over her tightly packaged pussy.

No doubt Lucy has such dirty thoughts in mind for the next part in this series. Which can’t come soon enough! I hope there’ll be more like this 🙂