Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Jacuzzi Surprise [Pt3]

Lucy reveals her hot rubberised pussy in this 3rd episode of ‘Jacuzzi Surprise’ on Rubber Passion.

Vid 215 prev 13Lucy just doesn’t seem to ever get enough cock. The more cock she sucks, the hornier she gets! Now the guys cock are hard she can’t help thinking about them all buried deep inside her pussy. She unzips her crotch to reveal a very inviting rubberised pussy.

Vid 215 prev 16


She getS VERY excited when one of the guys stuffs his fingers inside of her rubberised pussy with gloved fingers – it’s such an awesome scene to watch and we need more of this!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: My Rubber Date [Pt1]

Lucy meets with a guy for a rubber date in this video on Rubber Passion.  A very sexy scene – and wearing yet another hot outfit 😀

Vid 214 prev 01Lucy found meeting her rubber date incredibly exciting and was immediately had a very wet pussy when she first seen him sitting on the sofa wearing tight black shiny latex. She sits on his lap, and can feel his hard cock against her pussy through the tight latex – she seems to enjoy grinding her pussy down on him!

Vid 214 prev 03He pulls down the front of her catsuit, releasing her massive tits from the suit – groping, licking and sucking them.  He pushes his fingers inside her juicy pussy.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.


Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Jacuzzi Surprise [Pt2]

Lucy gets more dirtier with the guys in the jacuzzi in this 2nd episode of ‘Jacuzzi Surprise’ on Rubber Passion.

Vid 213 prev 11With all of these shiny rubber bodies around her, Lucy was feeling incredibly horny – for Lucy, being around so many cock, it’s difficult not to!  We know that she would have released all their cocks and sucked them all at once if she could have.  Instead, she begins to give each one a thorough sucking and enjoys every second 😀

Vid 213 prev 05Ooh it’s so good to watch Lucy sucking off all those guys and having her buge rubber tits groped and squeezed.

Looking forward to seeing more hot action with Lucy and those rubber dudes!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Jacuzzi Surprise [Pt1]

‘Jacuzzi Surprise’ looks like it’s gonna be a pretty special video series on Rubber Passion.

Vid 212 prev 05Looking like a true rubber doll in her incredible rubber outfit, Lucy is seen taking a shower before entering a big jacuzzi. This is different from any normal jacuzzi as it is occupied by 4 rubber clad guys in gasmasks.

Lucy enjoys what she finds and starts to touch the guys rubber bodies, clearly noticing the bulges in their tight black suits.

Vid 212 prev 13

She also allows them to touch her – squeezing her huge rubber tits and sliding their hands over her tightly packaged pussy.

No doubt Lucy has such dirty thoughts in mind for the next part in this series. Which can’t come soon enough! I hope there’ll be more like this 🙂