Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Office Slut [Pt2]

See the second and final part of Latex Lucy’s ‘Office Slut’ video and gallery on Rubber Passion. 

Vid 211 prev 02The boss fucks his rubberised secretary in lots of different positions in this final chapter. Lucy’s pussy is given the pounding it deserves (and many times over!) after she was caught out wasting time at the office. Her pussy was being stretched really wide by his big dick.

Vid 211 prev 03


Throughout the video, you get to see Lucy being fucked in many different positions – including on the desk, on the chair and stood up. The boss is not wearing rubber but the contrast makes it damn horny.  Another not to be missed!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Office Slut [Pt1]

Lucy is a sexy secretary in this fantastic Rubber Passion video update entitled ‘Office Slut’.

Vid 210 prev 03After playing with her phone, day dreaming and pretending to work all morning, Lucy’s eventually got caught by her boss. After noticing the tight latex stretched across those massive breasts, he soon realised that he could put her to much better use. Unbuttoning her latex blouse, he plays with her tits, moving quickly onto her tight rubber pussy.
Vid 210 prev 05Lucy could feel her pussy throbbing as her boss unzipped her and slipped his finger inside her wet hole. Next she wraps her lips around his big cock – I guess it wouldn’t seem right to watch a b/g scene where Lucy doesn’t suck any cock! She also gets a good hard pounding.  This is such a great scene and well worth a watch!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Urban Rubber

Lucy reveals herself more in this stunning gallery update on Rubber Passion, wearing a cute latex hoodie.

Gall 107 prev 02While in Australia Lucy desperately wanted to slip into loads of latex and do some shoots in some amazing locations. As it was very hot, she had to stay close to some air con. The full enclosure latex outfits we all know she loves to dress in wasn’t an option this time.

Instead, Lucy decided to do some urban style pics while in the centre of Sydney.  It’s great to see Lucy unhooded and wearing this hot little hoodie with some very sexy black leggings – and later, a cool looking gasmask.  What a super sexy combo and some stunning pics!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Rubber Tease – Bonus Gallery

As a special bonus for New Year’s Day, Lucy added this gallery on Rubber Passion.  It’s nice to see some pics of such an amazingly hot video series, ‘Rubber Tease’.

Gall 106 prev 05These pics show Lucy just how we like to see her. She looks so content being bound down in this way (after being fucked hard I’m sure). You will also see some stunning pics of her giving blowjobs – something Lucy also seems very happy and content with!