Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Dungeon Torment [Pt2]

This time on Rubber Passion, Lucy is securely fastened into the stocks.  There’s no way of escaping her next treatment!

Vid 199 prev 06She is led over to the stocks where her head, then wrists are locked in place with handcuffs.  She is bent forward in a position that is very accessible to Lucy’s huge rubber breasts and tight wet pussy.

Her tormentor’s rubber fingers slide in and out of her pussy, working hard and very fast.  This makes Lucy’s pussy even wetter, but she appears helpless and you can see it’s driving her totally crazy.  Vid 199 prev 05She can’t move or help herself in any way.

Lucy is gagged and then she is shown being fucked harder and harder from behind.  What a great position to be in!