Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Dungeon Torment [Pt2]

This time on Rubber Passion, Lucy is securely fastened into the stocks.  There’s no way of escaping her next treatment!

Vid 199 prev 06She is led over to the stocks where her head, then wrists are locked in place with handcuffs.  She is bent forward in a position that is very accessible to Lucy’s huge rubber breasts and tight wet pussy.

Her tormentor’s rubber fingers slide in and out of her pussy, working hard and very fast.  This makes Lucy’s pussy even wetter, but she appears helpless and you can see it’s driving her totally crazy.  Vid 199 prev 05She can’t move or help herself in any way.

Lucy is gagged and then she is shown being fucked harder and harder from behind.  What a great position to be in!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Naughty Nurse Lucy

Lucy is a fully rubberised nurse in this gallery on Rubber Passion, wearing a very sexy white catsuit and red rubber corset.

Gall 102 prev 01Nurse Lucy is given the task of tidying the medical room, but soon gets very bored and is caught sleeping on the job!  See what happens when the Doctor finds her sound asleep on the bed!  He decides it’s time that Lucy should be given a kind of medical examination.

Lucy is given a special type of medical examination.  I don’t think it’ll stop her from sleeping on the job again, as she seems to be enjoying it a bit too much!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Dungeon Torment Part:1

This video on Rubber Passion shows Lucy in the dungeon with a guy in black rubber.  She is teased and tormented while bound to the bondage cross.

Vid-198-prev-031Lucy is brought into the dungeon on a leash and placed on the bondage cross where she is handcuffed at her wrists and ankles.  A leather belt is also tied around her waist to secure her to the cross.  She could wriggle a bit, but she couldn’t escape – although I’m not sure she would want too!

vid-198-prev-05The guy has complete access to Lucy’s sexy body and can do whatever he chooses.  He teases and torments her by whipping her huge tits, squeezing them, then slips his hands between her legs.  His fingers find their way inside her swollen wet pussy.

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Return to Room: 17 [part:2]

The first part of this series on Rubber Passion was really fantastic – but this second part is even better!  Mind-blowingly sexy and a definate must see.  It’s great to see Latex Lucy bound and used in this way.

Vid-197-prev-011Bound with rope to the metal railings above her, she is groped, her round rubberised ass is slapped and then her pussy unzipped.  Lucy can feel her captor’s fingers slipping inside her very shaken and dripping wet pussy.  It isn’t long before he forces his rubber sheathed cock inside her too!

vid-197-prev-03She is scared, but excited at the experience as she has no idea what is going to happen to her.  The sound of his breathing in the gasmask was making Lucy feel weaker and felt even more under the guy’s control as he pushes his cock inside her mouth and shoots his cum all over her juicy lips.

New shop on Rubber Passion site!

Latex Lucy has just launched her new shop on the Rubber Passion site.

fetish-trailer-iThere you can purchase her latest DVD, ‘Fetish Worlds 14’, a calendar, some of her rubber panties amongst other exciting things.

She mentions that more will be added soon, including shoes she has worn in past shoots, more clothing, a new calendar and some posters.

Lucy also invites you to contact her with any recommendations of what you would like to see in her shop.  Rubber20knickers2002

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Intense Experience

See Latex Lucy in a more dominant role in this update on House of Taboo with Samantha Bentley.  It is quite rare to see Lucy in such a role.

01Samantha Bentley is a model who can project feelings of complex surrender and submissive anxiety that are brought out in a D/s situation between a masterful mistress and a helpless slave. Miss Bentley reminds us of John Willie’s bound beauties, in that great artist’s 1940s and 1950s drawings and paintings of girls tied hand and foot and at the mercy of cruel dommes.

For a good sampling of Samantha in this Williesque mode, see her dominated by the equally memorable, busty and very sexy Latex Lucy in this new scene of extreme sex, lesbian bondage, and spanking as Mistress Lucy gags Samantha, keeps her on a leash, crams a silver plug in her ass, spanks her, and then has Samantha suck her black strap-on.

02At the end, Samantha drools at the camera like a completely conquered slavegirl. Even John Willie’s damsel-in-distress Sweet Gwendoline never had such intense experiences like those you’ll see in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM.

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Rubber Favourites

This is a gallery on Rubber Passion featuring two amazingly sexy outfits!  Both outfits mould to Lucy’s body perfectly and make her look even more doll like than ever before.

gall-101-prev-02How can you not love these two outfits? The semi-transparent purple outfit is very cute and sexy with those glossy pigtails with matching rubber bows and very tight corset to emphasise Lucy’s already very narrow waist. She promises to do a video shoot wearing this outfit soon – I can’t wait!

Her plum catsuit and hood outfit has a very low neck and shows off those massive tits perfectly.  All pics were taken by the very talented Lucas of Soul Focus Studios.