Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Bondage Cum Slut

Latex Lucy receives the cum she has been yearning for in this update on Rubber Passion.

Vid-183-prev-06She continues to suck cock and is bound with her arms behind her back. The armbinder is so tight she is unable to move her arms at all frustrating her and making her even more horny!

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Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Tampering With The Damsel!

Latex Lucy is at the total mercy of Kristien in this update on House of Taboo. What punishment will he dish out to the latex-clad damsel?

boy girlThat daring damsel Latex Lucy is in a predicament once again, with no escape…which is the way she seems to like it!

She is totally at the mercy of Kristien, chained against the wall in a metal shed, encased in one of her amazing latex outfits that our members have enjoyed so often here at House of Taboo, home of extreme sex, latex porn, and BDSM in Full HD.

boy girlKristien can play with her pussy, and he can whip her latex-sheathed butt…and she is going nowhere! Over and over on her butt fall the blows of the flogger.

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She has. Further chastisement follows as he grabs her throat and then has her suck humiliatingly and long on a gigantic black dildo!

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