Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Serving His Latex Cock!

Lucy returns with Kristien with another amazing set on House of Taboo.

Girl/BoyIn photos and videos, Latex Lucy excels in portraying either the dominant or submissive role, and today she is under the thumb of Master Kristien as his total bottom! She must have done something awfully naughty to end up tied to a tree with arms pulled up behind her and a red ball gag in her mouth.

Girl/BoyKristien appears, also dressed in black latex, and he flogs her butt and her big tits too. The sides of her boobs redden under the onslaught of the flogger. Then Kristien takes out Lucy’s ball gag and has her kneel on the ground. Out comes his masterful cock, and clothed in latex, too! Lucy looks up at him with puppy dog eyes as he edges his black sheathed prick toward her face, and then he moves her head onto his rod, having her suck him deeply even while he fondles her knockers.

Girl/BoyKristien kneels on the ground himself, with his latex log jutting upward so that Lucy can bend over and continue her sucking, her hands still bound behind her. Lucy looks up at him with supplicating eyes through the holes of her mask, as if wordlessly asking whether or not he is pleased with her blowjob. Finally he demonstrates his wordless reply, by squirting his cream through a hole in the tip of the latex cock sheath, filling his slave’s mouth with his spunk until it drips down the corner of her lips onto the chin of her black latex mask.

Girl/BoyHaving fulfilled her master’s needs, Lucy remains quietly on the ground as he replaces the ball gag in her mouth and then attaches her bound wrists once more to the tree, her arms pulled up behind her. Then after a few slaps on her bare ass, he walks off and leaves her kneeling on her bare tiptoes, alone to contemplate the wages of a submissive’s sins!

Latex Lucy on Hot Legs and Feet: Lucy’s Latex Ballet Studio!

Lucy and Blue Angel show off their amazing latex ballet heels in this set on Hot Legs and Feet.

girl girlHappy Kinky New Year and welcome to Madame Latex Lucy’s Bizarre Ballet Studio, where all her novice dancers must be fully attired in latex just as she is! The ballet mistress stands in her black latex dress, beige latex leggings, and red ballet heels as she supervises Blue Angel in her hot pink latex body suit and black ballet heels.

girl girlBlue is clearly ready to be instructed by the imperious Lucy, who puts her through some stretching exercises along the ballet barre, making sure she lifts her legs high and flexes those firm calves. At one point Blue seems to falter and has to take a rest from the rigors of standing on those brutal toe shoes, so Lucy allows her to worship her red heels instead.

Perhaps that is where Blue’s major talents lay…in serving the ballet mistress, rather than performing herself. Blue looks very sexy kneeling and kissing the red shoes, and under Lucy’s guidance she removes the shoes to worship Madame Lucy’s feet through her latex stockings. Blue certainly gets a mouthful of toe, followed by a mouthful of shoe!

girl girlLucy undoes the zipper of Blue’s latex crotch and rubs her foot against her pupil’s pussy. Then she stuffs her shoe back into Blue’s mouth, wetting it before cramming it into her pussy next. Blue even worships her own shoe when she pulls her leg up to her face, and then she functions as a stool for Lucy as the ballet instructor sits on her back and penetrates her quim with the red shoe. At the same time, Blue licks Lucy’s latex-sheathed foot with an attitude of total servility.

girl girlLucy gets Blue in the corner, where the student lifts her legs and worships Madame’s feet while getting her quim crammed with toe. Finally satisfied that she has taught her student something, Lucy then allows Blue to put her shoe back on like the obedient slave she has become!