Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Crated

This new gallery update on Rubber Passion features Latex Lucy in heavy bondage.

I was presented with this crate, and asked to get inside!  Not sure exactly what it was, I gave it a good look over then began to explore inside… the inside was coated with soft latex in the bottom, so how could I resist?!  I got inside and was tightly bound and unable to move… then I was enclosed inside, unable to escape!

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Clinic of Sexual Satisfactions!

Latex Lucy and friend Clanddi Jinkcego enjoy some medical play in this set from House of Taboo.

Latex lovers, my goodness are you in for a piece of art that comes straight out of a science fiction film. Imagine an old style military hospital room with two incredibly curvaceous honeys wearing full body latex suits with hospital insignia‘s. One white, one teal, both skin tight and hugging those gorgeous curves to no end.

A little one way quarrel is in progress as Clanddi throws a very bitchy fit and instructs the submissive Latex Lucy to start her off with a nice lick down of her tight and tasty asshole. Clanddi is extremely vocal and aggressive in this set, and loves throwing around the “Bitch” word while smacking that incredibly juicy ass of Lucy’s.

The shiny latex suit is zipped open from the back to accommodate this, and Clanddi’s is unzipped right in the crotch area for access to her eager beaver. After a little foot worshipping, Lucy is instructed to eat some pussy, and she really dives into Clanddi’s tattoo accentuated trim, sucking her clit and licking her slit while the curvy honey has her legs pulled up towards her head. Unfortunately, no orgasm is collected and Clanddi becomes furious.

The two rubber dolls then switch places as Clanddi is determined to show her slave what parts of her pussy need to be stimulated for an orgasm to come about. She utilizes a stainless steel speculum for an inspection of Lucy’s tight pie and points out the places which need to be worked.

The lesson in latex wraps up with Lucy getting some French kiss action and being held tight like a good little latex slave girl.