Latex Lucy on Hot Legs and Feet: Bizarre Bath Encounter!

Latex Lucy features in a set on Hot Legs and Feet with fellow latex-clad foot worshiper Black Angelica. The action takes place in a bath and “slut!” Lucy enjoys some wet latex lesbian sex with the gorgeous Black Angelica.

In the world of the delightfully perverse, some girls like to take a bath while they’re wearing latex bodysuits and masks. That’s what happens in our featured showcase of Latex Lucy in the yellow and Black Angelica in the brown latex suits.

They look almost like creatures from an alien civilization as they explore each other’s feet while the tub fills with water. Lucy licks Angelica’s toes through the latex, and then Angelica returns the favor.

Angelica sits on the edge of the tub so that Lucy can play with her pussy through the open crotch of the suit, rubbing with her fingers and latex-sheathed feet. We get many unique shots as Lucy floats in the water and rubs between Angelica’s thighs.

Lucy really gets into licking Angelica’s wrinkled soles through the transparent brown latex. She takes a lot of Angelica’s foot in her mouth. The gals reverse positions and Angelica gets on her knees in the water to worship Lucy’s peds.

Latex Lucy licks her own feetThen they sit facing each other in the tub and take turns adoring feet. Lucy can even suck her own feet through the latex. A very flexible fox! As the tub continues to fill with water, Lucy nestles between Angelica’s thighs and worships her legs.

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Lucy Latex on House of Taboo: The latex avenger strikes again!

The alluring Latex Lucy features in another beautifully shot set on fetish site House of Taboo. This set features Latex Lucy pleasuring herself with a dildo.

Our masked latex avenger Latex Lucy is back, and this time she stars in a set that could easily be the inspirations for a wickedly delicious Hollywood film!

Lucy’s luscious curves are in all the right places, and will be in your dreams for many days and nights to come after viewing this picturesque set and all of it’s amazing wonderment.

Wearing a custom corset, mask, and boot set, Lucy tantalizes us with mystery, power, and sexuality all at the same time.

Kick back and enjoy the splendor of her curvaceous, classic pin-up girl style, and the sheer beauty that emanates from her unique presentations and sinful persuasions!

Latex Lucy on Hot Legs and Feet: Kneel Before Latex Lucy!

Latex Lucy today stars in a stunning set on foot-fetish site Hot Legs and Feet.

Her outfit highlights her amazing figure with the latex stockings focusing attention to her gorgeous legs.

Latex Lucy is one of the most striking fetish models we’ve seen to date! With her colorful mask and waist-cinching garb, she immediately pulls us into a daydream world of submission to a haughty, ruthless mistress.

Her waist cinched to an unholy size by her combination of corset and garter belt, she admires herself in a mirror as the cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews mostly take a worshipful knee-high position on the floor, looking up at her commanding magnificence. Their lenses drink in every inch of her forbidding beauty, from the dangerously high heels of her strappy platform shoes to her green eyes and cruel lips peeking through the holes in her latex head mask.

Lucy’s game is relentless tease of her minions! She knows we are helpless over our arousal at her curvaceous body as she takes down her corset and panties to bare to our drooling mouths and hungry eyes her pussy and asshole, delights that we will only dream of, never taste!

She sits regally in her elegant chair and reveals her massive mams, knowing we yearn to suck them but will have to settle for staring!! Sliding her latex-gloved fingers into the flowery folds of her vagina, she then licks her hand to tantalize us with intimations of the tastes we can only imagine!

She takes off her shoes and licks her heels and toes, making us even more fully aware of the delights we do not deserve to touch! We are meant only to kneel at her power and strength, this harsh but beautiful dominatrix who has invaded our dreams!