Rubber Doll Spa [Pt1]

See Lucy playing with her sexy new rubber girlfriend in this new Rubber Passion series.
Vid 229 prev 12It’s always so hot to see 2 girls playing with each other in rubber – but even more so when they are actually genuinely enjoying each other :D

In this video you will see Lucy playing with her new rubber girlfriend, Frejadottir in such a sexy, hot scene and a great location.

Vid 229 prev 17

The scene was shot in a hotel in Berlin at the time of the German Fetish Weekend.

They are seen walking through the hotel, looking amazingly sexy dressed from head to toe in full latex, until they reach the spa. It is then that we get to see them play with each other for the first time!

Vid 229 prev 18

The video is very sensual and sexy with some kissing, slapping of each other’s sexy, curvy asses, licking and they look as though they’re ready for even more action.

It’s amazing to see these 2 rubber doll’s bodies entwined like this. I’m so pleased I didn’t miss this one!

Captive Rubber Slut [Pt2]

See Lucy being used as a rubber fuck toy in this amazing video on Rubber Passion.
Vid 228 prev 07

She looks like a perfect rubber fuck toy, so deserves to be used like one :D

In this episode you see her bound, with very little movement as her captor forces his rubberised cock deep inside her rubber cunt. Mmmm.

Vid 228 prev 08

He pins Lucy down by her throat, keeping her steady while he pounds her pussy very hard and slapping her rubber face to remind her who is boss.

This series is one of the best, most addictive rubber porn videos I’ve seen in a long time!

The Juice Bar [Pt3]

In this final episode of ‘The Juice Bar’ on Rubber Passion, you can see Lucy’s face covered in messy cum :D
Vid 227 prev 01Lucy is bent forward over the bar with with a big stiff cock buried deep in her cunt, fucking it nice and hard. As always, we see that she clearly enjoys every minute!

She then gives the bar guy a real good, thorough sucking off. It’s so hot to watch.

Vid 227 prev 06

Lucy plays with the guy’s cock with her hands and lips, working it up to bursting point until she is finally rewarded with an explosion of sticky cum all over her sexy rubber face.

Doesn’t that dress displays her huge tits so well? I love it.

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Captive Rubber Slut [Pt1]

Lucy is taken captive in this incredibly hot video on Rubber Passion.

Captive Slut 01See Lucy held captive in a prison cell. She is laid on a rubber bed and dressed in a sexy black rubber catsuit, bondage hood and ballet boots. She is also collared, cuffed and restrained – and maybe the way this rubber slut should always be kept!! :D

Vid 226 prev 07

Lucy awakes to hear one of the rubber wardens enter the cell. She worries what will be done to her as the warden grabs at her rubber tits, slaps them and forces a big rubber dildo up her rubber pussy.

I’m so looking forward to seeing what happens to Lucy next!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: The Juice Bar [Pt2]

The second part to this video series on Rubber Passion shows Lucy in some amazing hardcore action.
Vid 225 prev 08After sucking and playing with a big cock, Lucy is now dying to feel it deep inside her swollen and very slippery wet pussy. The guy gropes and licks at her big exposed tits and massages her smooth rubber clad cunt.

Vid 225 prev 11

Lucy really loves having her pussy tightly wrapped around his hard cock!

See lots of close-ups of Lucy’s tight pussy receiving the fucking it deserves – in some great angles and positions too!

It would be great to see even more vids like this :D

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Rubber Stable Stud [Pt3]

Lucy gets bound up and fucked in this incredibly sexy final part of the Rubber Stable Stud series on Rubber Passion!
Vid 224 prev 03First Lucy has her Rubber Stud laid on the stable floor while she really rides his big cock nice and hard. She simply cannot get enough!!

The Stable Stud has other ideas and had her bound and gagged to the barn ladder. She’s unable to move at all, and later a gag is also pushed in her mouth.
Vid 224 prev 09
In this position Lucy’s round bubble butt is sticking out through the ladders and really does look ready for a good fucking!! This is what she receives as she’s given another hard fucking in her tight wet cunt. The stable guy finally leaving her there bound to the ladder :D

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: She Looms in Latex

Lucy is looking absolutely stunning in her transparent purple catsuit in this update on House of Taboo.
BnyjU6XIEAIjosjThe always inventive Latex Lucy is back, this time in a purple body suit and mask, silver corset, and black skyscraper heels. She teases us with the incredible shape of her 32GG-23-35 body, and the kinky blonde pigtails that hang out of the top of her mask.

She poses on a glass table and whips herself with a black flogger, the thongs snapping against the taut sheen of her derriere in this incredible example of latex porn.

Next in this fetish XXX video she lays back, sucks on the glass handle of the flogger, and inserts it into her shaved pussy, which is ready for penetration in the open crotch of her body suit!

image2Finally Lucy stands up, fucks herself with the toy in other positions, looms goddess-like over our cameras, and keeps peering at us with those intense green eyes in the holes of her mask–as if inviting us to suit up too and become her latex lovers!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: The Juice Bar [Pt1]

Vid 223 prev 11Watch what Lucy gets up to in this American Juice Bar video on Rubber Passion.

Lucy arrives at her favourite bar to find the bar guy is dressed in black rubber. He pours her a drink and notices that he isn’t wearing anything else underneath. Naughty Lucy has to take a peak – and doesn’t stop there, very bad girl!
Vid 223 prev 14He unfastens the top buttons of Lucy’s long rubber coat to reveal a sexy rubber mini dress with open breasts, wow!!  The dress displays her huge tits perfectly :D

We get to see her licking more cock – how could we ever get enough of that!

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Latex In The Tub

010Latex Lucy is always up to something interesting in her appearances on our site. This time, the mysterious lady from the United Kingdom plays with a masked Mugur as her partner.

First she has him stand in the shower stall while she bathes in her hot pink latex body suit. Her full face mask is complete with holes for her blonde pigtails.

Next she tantalizes Mugur through the glass shower door. She gets him in the tub finally, where she can suck his cock and have him play with her pussy, exposed through a hole in her suit.


She takes his cock inside her shaved wet pussy. She even eats his ass!

She dominates him briefly in the tub, pushing his gas-mask-covered face under the soapy water for a few moments.

In the end, though, she rides and sucks his tool. And she takes his cum all over her face.  See this epic example of latex porn in one amazing fetish XXX video!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Evening Ecstacy [Pt2]

Vid-222-prev-05Vid 220 prev 04Watch Lucy play with her pussy and ass in the final part of this video on Rubber Passion.

Lucy reaches for her Magic Wand toy and slowly slips each part of it into her horny pussy and ass. She finds it so dreamy buried inside both holes at once.

She enjoys sliding the toy out, then back inside her nice and deeply, but when the wand is switched on Lucy is in complete ecstasy - WOW! The wand gives her such a hard orgasm over and over.

A wonderful video update!