Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: A Private Meeting with Lucy

This exciting POV style video shows us how a private meeting with Lucy could be! Watch it on Rubber Passion.

Vid 240 prev 13This video was taken of a private hotel room meeting with Lucy and was filmed through the guy’s eyes.

It’s in an artistic style, but is also an incredibly hot, sensual, and very erotic video. As Lucy looks into the camera, you can feel it’s you that she’s looking at and makes you feel you are in the scene with her!
Vid 240 prev 15

There’s lots of very sexy teasing – as Lucy touches and plays with her amazing rubberised curves at the same time. As she sucks the guy’s cock, you can almost feel it could be you!!

This is such an awesome and creative video.

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Forced Into Submission [Pt2]

In Part 2 of ‘Forced Into Submission’ Lucy takes on a different role.  See it on Rubber Passion.

Vid 239 prev 03This scene shows us how Lucy switches from dominant to submissive.

After her ‘slave’ has licked and fingered her hot pussy, Lucy is just too horny to take control and the power now easily shifts over to her slave.

Vid 239 prev 18

The ‘slave’ quickly notices the opportunity to assert his dominance over Lucy and shows this by slapping her huge rubber tits! Mmm.

Lucy attempts to unzip his cock, but he pushes her down onto her knees (where she belongs!) and where she finally gets to have his throbbing where she wants it.

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Pink Fuck Doll [Pt3]

We now get to see the final part to ‘Pink Fuck Doll’ on Rubber Passion.

Vid 238 prev 07This episode was well worth the wait as we see Lucy fucked in some great positions – such as the one below. Her massive tits are also freed from the tight rubber :D

She gives the guy a handjob, then he takes over while Lucy continues to suck him until he finally cums.

Vid 238 prev 04

Lucy seems to enjoy licking up the messy cum. Such a filthy girl!!

Hopefully we’ll get to see more and more videos where Lucy is used in such a way – she is perfect for this role!

Lucy Nominated for DDF Award!

Lucy has been nominated as ‘BDSM Sex Goddess 2014′ for the DDF Awards.

proxyYou can nominate her yourself for other awards too! Or nominate her in the same category to give her an even stronger vote. The more nominations the better!

In the words of DDF: ”If their were a Super Heroin of the BDSM world, that would be Latex Lucy. Shrouded in mystery with her exquisite Latex outfits her performances in this realm are worthy of Oscars. Engaging in all kinds of deviant behaviour the UK starlet must have legions of fans who would drop everything at whim just to feel that sexual energy she generates.

At 5’3″ with a 32F-23-35 figure she is like a perfect Fuck doll and ready submissive. Could you dominate her?  We’ll bet you’d love to try!”

Help support Lucy by nominating her here: DDF Awards. You can see that she is already voted #1 model on DDF’s House of Taboo website.

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Forced Into Submission [Pt1]

Lucy looks incredibly hot in this dominant role at Rubber Passion.

Vid 237 prev 06Lucy watched her slave all locked away in his cage, teasing him by playing with her tight rubber body. The more she touched herself, the more she felt the urge to play with him. She fingers her juicy cunt and has her slave lick them clean. Lucy thinks her slave has done a great job so releases him from the cage and has him lick her long rubber boots.

Vid 237 prev 16Getting a bit carried away, Lucy allows her slave to work his way upwards to her juicy wet pussy – enjoying the sensation of his tongue massaging her clit gently, then going deeper inside, Mmm.

I’m dying to see what happens in the next episode of this very erotic new video series!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Captive Rubber Slut [Pt6]

This is the final part to this awesome video series on Rubber Passion.

Vid 236 prev 10This time Lucy has both guys using her body at once. She tries her best to be a good slut, afraid of what might happen if she doesn’t do a good job. The guys, all dressed in black rubber, keep using her as their rubber fuck toy – having her give them blowjobs before fucking her very hard! :D

Vid 236 prev 05

Lucy is also gagged and a rubber pillow is held over her face to silence her. Finally, the guys leave her with a face covered in cum. Lucy really suits this look ;)

This series is highly recommended, another not to be missed!

Latex Lucy on House of Taboo: Feel The Attraction

See this great new update of Lucy playing with a dildo on House of Taboo.

620hot010“Welcome to my universe,” Latex Lucy seems to say to us in these pics and fetish XXX video. “Sit down and take out your cock. Watch me in my latex and tug on yourself.

“Imagine the surface of my body under my black shiny suit. Look at my lips sticking out and engulfing this scarlet toy. See yourself kneeling to kiss my feet in these outrageous heels. If you touch me, inhale me, you may become attracted to latex too, and become one of us…


“Imagine your face in a mask like mine, your tongue lapping at my exposed titties and cunt. Imagine wrapping your teeth around the end of my vibrator and plunging it back and forth into my hole. Imagine my green eyes watching you as you do it…

“Are you close to squirting now? Then you may be even closer to wanting your own latex too, and to sharing my unique language of lust!”

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Pink Fuck Doll [Pt2]

I’ve been looking forward to this part of ‘Pink Fuck Doll’ on Rubber Passion.

Vid 235 prev 10Here it is – and I’m certainly not disappointed, wow! Lucy is woken up after having her pussy fingered – maybe there’s a switch buried inside that cunt somewhere :D

She comes to life and focuses on one of the things she does best. You get to see more of those full juicy lips around stiff cock and that’s just how we love to see her!

Vid 235 prev 16Lucy takes the demanding cock deep down her throat while sucking it all the way. She definitely fits this role well and does her job exactly the way we like to see.

This is a real fuck doll well worth using!

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Captive Rubber Slut [Pt5]

I particularly love this video series on Rubber Passion.

Vid 234 prev 04This time, Lucy is given a transparent catsuit to dress in over her black rubber outfit, but it doesn’t stop there. Already she is feeling tight and restricted, but then she is also dressed in a transparent strait jacket. It even bears her name ‘Slut Lucy’ – and was clearly made to fit her huge tits and tiny waist.
Vid 234 prev 07

Lucy must always keep her captor satisfied so she makes sure to give his cock plenty of attention – she’s such a good girl!  

Lucy is left sat on the latex bed while locked in the strait jacket. I can’t wait to see what happens next ;)

Latex Lucy on Rubber Passion: Pink Fuck Doll [Pt1]

Latex Lucy turns into a real rubber fuck doll in this absolutely stunning new video series on Rubber Passion.

Vid 233 prev 04aShe lays on the bed, propped up against the wall - and just the way you imagine a rubber sex doll to be. There’s no movement, not even a blink of her eyes!

A man in black rubber comes into the bedroom to play with his new play thing, feeling her sexy body and

Vid 233 prev 08

squeezing those huge tits that look like they’re about to pop out at any moment :D

Naturally, he unzips her to reveal a very inviting looking dark pink rubber cunt – Mmm perfect!